Client Communications

The directory offers Financial Planning professionals a network of Client Communications Resources including disaster recovery, strategic email, social media concepts and much more. Access this free network of specialists to find the best solutions.

Advisor Products

Advisor Products is a leading financial services client communications and marketing company, serving more than 1,800 independent financial advisors. If you want a great website, client newsletter, or brochure, you’ll love us. We can write your marketing copy, design your logo, print your stationery and give you advice and ideas. You’ll find our technology and personal service superb because we don’t settle for less.

Dan Richards

Dan Richards delivers leading edge ideas that engage advisors and keep their attention. But it’s not just his insights and delivery that set him apart. Dan addresses the key problem with most presentations. Advisors walk away enthused – and when they get back to the office revert to their normal routines. In fact, it’s as if the talk had never happened. Dan uses a proven three-step process to help advisors translate ideas into action:

  • Create awareness
  • Focus on implementation
  • Build in follow-up


e-Relationship’s patented process us 7,249,066 b1, quickly proved to dramatically increase new appointments, cross-sales and market distinction for producers. Today, we proudly serve hundreds of companies! We love hearing how our thousands of clients in the insurance and banking sectors in the United States and Canada are consistently experiencing impressive improvements in sales, retention and recruiting!


Founded in 1994, Erado is the pioneer and leading innovator in archiving, supervision, encryption, and compliance solutions to regulated customers worldwide.  We focus on what is important to our customers with top-level support and security.  Erado’s technologies help customers manage and enforce complex compliance and archiving policies.  We are a SSAE 16 Certified Business and adhere to the highest industry standards to comply with SEC, FINRA, FCA, and other international regulations.  We are headquartered in Renton, a suburb of Seattle Washington, with offices around the globe.

FMG Suite

Our team is a group of experts who combine decades of financial marketing experience and a passion for technology to pioneer a unique marketing approach for financial professionals. We’ve recruited top talent in video production, graphic design, animation, web development, content development, and software design in order to break new ground in digital marketing.

Integrated  Concepts Group

Established in 1987 in Madison Heights, Michigan, Integrated Concepts Group, Inc. provides customized publishing products materials for the financial services industry. We specialize in newsletters, both printed and e-mail. Everything is done at our facility in Madison Heights — writing, proofreading, layout, printing, folding, and mailing. We are a one-stop shop that has specialized in newsletters for the financial services industry for almost 30 years. We offer a variety of newsletters in two-color and full-color formats, with monthly, bimonthly, and quarterly distribution schedules.


Since 1997 we’ve helped craft and implement marketing & client communications  strategy for advisors and firms.   Over that time we have quietly helped thousands of advisors, in both public and private wealth management firms, improve their overall offering,  client acquisition and retention.  All while delivering clients better clarity and truer emotional contact with their representative which help them provide better overall service which creates more wealth – for all.  You could say that we’re the guys, that help plan it all out.  It’s a very niche thing. So we’re on a mission to help those, that are helping others to build wealth.  To do it faster and better.  Because more successful clients mean a better future for us all. We’ve made a commitment to providing  an open source approach to communications and security strategy.  One that combines integrating both the world’s best  tools and regular professional guidance.  Let’s enable more profitable relationships, better clients, and an improved life for all.


Leadfusion is the industry leader in Financial Experience Management (FEM). Leadfusion’s CUSTOMERfirst platform increases revenue for financial institutions by engaging consumers across channels and devices in the critical stages leading up to conversion. Since 1995, Leadfusion’s Financial Experience Management® solutions have engaged over 1 Billion consumers with the tools and information they need to confidently make financial decisions. Over 300 financial institutions, including 8 of the top 10 banks and more than 75 credit unions trust Leadfusion to educate and empower their consumers. Leadfusion’s focus has evolved from the early days of providing calculator point solutions to our current CUSTOMERfirst  platform. CUSTOMERfirst includes Premium Financial Tools, Guided Selling, Branch Selling and Premium Email products designed to operate independently or as a single integrated solution that engages consumers through all stages of their financial experience.

Liberty Publishing

Liberty Publishing offers customizable, high-quality print, email, and online communication tools that are designed to enhance the marketing strategies of financial service, insurance, and accounting professionals. Recognized as the industry leader, Liberty has earned the accolades of major financial institutions for our newsletters, booklets, brochures, and annual tax guides, as well as other financial publications. For more than 30 years, we have helped our clients grow their businesses. Explore our website to find out how we can meet your company’s marketing needs.


MoneyTrax, Inc., and the “Circle of Wealth” system were founded in 1994 to help financial services professionals significantly improve the level and quality of communication with clients. The core business of MoneyTrax is to facilitate, develop, and distribute innovative programs that more effectively identify and explore the negative impact of wealth transfers in the building of wealth. Current programs take potential clients from the introductory meeting through a range of discussions on the various types of wealth transfers and process-oriented solutions. These discussions include but are not limited to taxes, qualified and non-qualified plans, mortgages, the accumulation and distribution of assets, and the overall wealth-building process. While there are many software and sales tools written for the agent or financial advisor, there is little available in the financial services industry written for the client. The “Circle of Wealth” System created by MoneyTrax aids the representatives in communicating with their clients

Seminar Crowds

Seminar Crowds! Inc. is proud to provide customized seminar invitations for your direct mail campaign needs. How to keep new prospects coming to your business? Nothing is efficient as seminar marketing. Done right, a financial seminar can continually generate a stream of new leads. Like any method of lead generation, the key to seminar marketing is consistency. Our prices start as low as 35.5 cents (depending on volume and type of invitation). Many seminar agents who use us save thousands of dollars every time they mail seminar marketing programs for their direct mail campaign versus what they previously paid other mail houses to fill their financial seminars. We provide turnkey financial seminar marketing packages for the financial services community and have worked with independent broker-dealers, FMOs, and individual agents and advisors throughout the US. Other professionals such as lawyers, mortgage brokers and life insurance representatives also use our seminar marketing services to promote their businesses, so you can depend on our experience to produce an effective seminar marketing campaign.