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Advisor Profiles
“A visual, one page executive summary of the valuable services you provide to your clients.”

Advisor Profiles is a professionally created one page Value Profile statement in PDF format that summarizes the services and value you provides to your clients.

  • Customized with the Services you provide to your clients.
  • Branded with your logo, name, photo, biography and contact information.
  • Dead simple to create – simply fill out a 10 minute online form and let our graphics designer take care of the rest.
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Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions Inc.

Adhesion has been delivering wealth advisor solutions since 1999. Its WealthADV platform is a comprehensive managed investing service, providing complete Unified Managed Account, client reporting and back office solutions to RIAs to help them stay at the forefront of the market and grow successful practices.

Advisory Alpha

Advisory Alpha provides a comprehensive investment advisory solution that is private labeled to your unique brand and integrates professional asset management, seamless practice management, and extensive marketing programs. This integrated asset management program is offered through strategic partnerships with select independent financial advisors.  While asset management may be the core service that advisors seek, successful advisors use a collection of resources and materials to support their specific investment strategies.

Many outsourced providers, such as third-party and turnkey asset managers, focus solely on investment services and fail to provide a complete solution.  Our professional asset management allows you to offer your clients innovative investment solutions designed to navigate the volatile markets and changing global economy. In addition, you gain access to a suite of marketing strategies to help you effectively utilize these investment services by building all aspects of the client relationship.

Our practice management resources drive efficiency for your operations resulting in an unmatched experience for your clients. This entire solution is wrapped with your brand to strengthen your firm’s identity.


AllocationMaster asset allocation software will set you apart. It provides all of the capabilities you need to handle the client’s most basic needs and, at the same time, deal with the most complex high net worth portfolios. AllocationMaster was first program to fully-integrate tax analysis into the portfolio optimization algorithm. It was the first to combine asset allocation and financial forecasting in one easy-to-use program. It introduced Product Implementation within asset allocation software. And, recently, the innovative AssetFinder™ Asset Classification Software was added to AllocationMaster. AllocationMaster helps more than 20,000 investment advisors at hundreds of major financial services companies determine the portfolio design for millions of clients.

Asset Allocation Analyst™

Asset Allocation Analyst™ is a sales-oriented web tool designed to help financial advisors create personalized investment proposals within minutes. The application features a simple 4-step portfolio construction and analytics process that helps build a compelling case for your investment recommendations.

  1. Determine the client’s current asset mix
  2. Determine the client’s investor profile
  3. Build an appropriate portfolio
  4. Review the recommendation

The Asset Allocation Analyst’s comprehensive list of analytics range from a simple investment growth chart to Alpha, Sortino and Monte Carlo metrics, allowing you to create a proposal that is as simple or complex as required. Furthermore, client data import through back-office integration can minimize the time required to generate proposals. The Asset Allocation Analyst can be purchased on its own or as a module within the WealthElements™ suite.


DynaPorte is a revolutionary method for developing, testing and implementing dynamic asset allocation models. These models are considered dynamic because they instruct how to change your portfolio allocations over time. Factor models are constructed that control asset allocation changes for all investments simultaneously. The impact of transaction costs and any borrowing to leverage the portfolio are included in the portfolio optimization model. Dynamic Portfolio Optimization results from changing allocations to each investment to avoid the worst losing months and target the highest gain months. Based on newly-devised, remarkably-effective technology, DynaPorte provides you with the tools for navigating your investment portfolio into the future.

Efficient Solutions Inc.

Efficient Solutions is dedicated to bringing you innovative portfolio optimization, asset allocation and retirement software at an affordable price. Our products are designed for both investment professionals and sophisticated personal investors. VisualMvo is a single-period mean-variance optimizer which enables you to construct the Efficient. MvoPlus allows you to build Constant Ratio Asset Allocation (CRAAL) strategies with the potential to out-perform all of the constituent assets in your portfolio.The program also functions as a conventional single period optimizer, or as a back-tester and optimizer of historical data. MCRetire is a Monte Carlo retirement simulator which takes into account the fluctuations on your investment.


Floodlight is a web-based application that helps financial advisers construct, analyse and invest a customised portfolio that meets the needs of their clients. It uses a strategic asset allocation, tailored to a client’s risk tolerance and investing goals, to guide the portfolio construction process. The process is made of a number of modules, which each take a different view of the investment portfolio, and range from analysis of user needs; understanding the impact of time, leverage and withdrawals; to deep insight investigations such as customised scenario analysis, advanced risk and volatility modelling and factor regression analysis. The ability to map the allocation through investing templates to get actual market products enables the portfolio to be immediately executed. A strong and flexible reporting functionality also exists. The ability to individually manage and customise the approach for clients with different needs from around the globe also exists. With the service being a web application, all data is secure, backed up and accessible from anywhere.


Diversification is the best way to control risk and the G-Sphere makes diversification and diversification analysis easy. G-Sphere is a visual holistic system of portfolio management rooted in diversification. Diversification is displayed in 3D as symmetry equating portfolio balance to physical balance. Meanwhile the optimal asset allocation is obtained. G-Sphere creates one single globally-efficient portfolio, eliminating guesswork and determining the equilibrium of diversification, risk and return. The G-Sphere is a must have for Investment Advisors, hedge fund managers, portfolio managers and sophisticated private investors seeking to create or present a balanced portfolio. G-Sphere is the superior asset allocation method for any absolute return investor.

Interactive Advisory Software

Founded in 2001, Interactive Advisory Software provides the only fully integrated, web-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) comprehensive wealth management solution for financial representatives, RIAs and Broker/Dealers.  The solution combines daily download, consolidation and reconciliation of client accounts from thousands of sources with portfolio accounting, extensive reporting, portfolio rebalancing, financial planning, CRM, and client portals all from a single application.

Intuitive Allocations

IA provides high-end optimization software solutions to financial and energy institutions – ranging from strategic asset management to comprehensive risk analysis and forecasting. IA’s analytical and modeling tools integrate intellectual capital with new proprietary optimization methods.

Our enhanced optimization software, StableMetrics, utilizes patent-pending methods to incorporate heavy-tailed and skewed asset return characteristics. The comprehensive software solution meets the growing needs of investment professionals, enabling sophisticated modeling for screening, pricing, analyzing and allocating assets. Identify assets that drive performance, visualize the impact of market movements and report results with confidence.


Macroaxis is a sophisticated, yet simple to use web-based personalized investment management service. Macroaxis increases risk-adjusted performance of managed portfolios using solid financial models written in the context of traditional fundamental analysis and practical portfolio theory based on mean-variance optimization. Since its 2010 launch Macroaxis has emerged as one of the nation’s leading online investing services, providing thousands of investors, wealth advisers, and money mangers with straight-forward and intelligent approach to optimizing investments across multiple portfolios.

MIMICS Financial Software

MIMICS Portfolio Management Modules offer powerful and flexible out-of-the-box solutions for managing your business’ portfolio needs. Get up and running quickly with our software’s many configurable options that easily adapt for different international and accounting standards. An extensive list of standard interfaces integrates directly with our software. We have software modules that manage proprietary trading; customer’s trading; mutual, pension, and hedge funds; and foreign-exchange reserves.

MIMICS allows you to track an unlimited number of portfolios.  Each portfolio can contain an unlimited number of securities and currencies.

Our software maintains equity, fixed income, equity derivatives, fixed income derivatives, commodities, and other securities. MIMICS handles both fixed interest bonds and floaters. It facilitates entry of purchase, sale, and income transactions, provides price/yield calculations, tracks transaction history, and calculates tax obligation.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition

Morningstar® Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition provides advisors with investment planning, client presentation, portfolio analysis, and in-depth investment research tools. It features timely data on 100,000+ securities and allows you to screen, rank, and sort investments using up to 20 criteria. You can efficiently analyze investments and portfolios to give recommendations using FINRA-reviewed reports and presentations that your clients can easily understand.

It’s designed for, customized by, and licensed to, institutions as a modular, Web-based platform and it integrates with other major platforms such as Albridge Solutions, MoneyGuidePro, Pershing’s NetExchange Pro, and National Financial’s Streetscape. Advisor Workstation is now available through more than 100 broker/dealers, custodians, and clearing firms. Call to find out if you’re eligible to purchase a custom-configured version through your firm.


OpenLink is a provider of cross-asset trading, risk management, and related portfolio management software solutions for the commodity, energy and financial services markets globally. OpenLink’s blue chip client base of more than 150 customers worldwide includes twelve of the top twenty-five largest commodity and energy companies by market capitalization, eight of the largest financial institutions and eleven of the largest central banks, as well as major hedge funds and public utilities. Headquartered on Long Island, New York, and with offices in New York, Houston, London, Berlin, Vienna, São Paulo, Sydney, and Singapore, OpenLink has more than 785 employees worldwide.


PORTAX is a 64 bit Windows desktop application that primarily assists investors and financial advisors with medium and long term strategic taxable portfolio analysis.  This includes asset allocation, asset location with multiple tax entities, cash management and tax planning.  PORTAX also has the ability to plan investment funding for corporate projects and solve taxable and non-taxable institutional spending requirements.


Opes’s PowerFolio solution offers most of the same great features as our global Unibanx product, but is tailor-made specifically for the Canadian market. Asset managers, fund managers and wealth managers are provided a central analytical and decision-making platform that utilizes functional modules to seamlessly integrate business workflows.

PowerFolio’s highlights for Canadian mutual fund dealers and full-service broker/dealers:

  1. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Realized and Unrealized P&L
  4. Tax slips and reports for registered products: RESP/RDSP, RRIF/LIF, TFSA

PowerFolio provides the following sophisticated tools to enhance your service offerings, mitigate risk and enable growth:

  1. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Realized and Unrealized P&L
  4. Model Portfolio Design
  5. Rebalancing
  6. Benchmark Comparisons
  7. Reporting
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Client Management
  10. Fund Management
  11. Financial Instrument Management
  12. Operational Controls
  13. Investment Accounting



SmartFolio is extremely powerful asset allocation software aimed at all types of quantitatively oriented investors and investment professionals. Simple and intuitive, it contains superior portfolio optimization techniques based on the latest achievements in portfolio theory:

  • Find the most appropriate asset allocation according to your investment goals, price history and subjective market views.
  • Analyze investment portfolio risks from various perspectives: volatility, Value-at-Risk, target shortfall probabilities
  • Supported analytical methods include the most efficient parameter estimators, robust portfolio optimization, walk-forward portfolio optimization, benchmark tracking, the Black-Litterman model, factor models, historical portfolio simulations, and many others.
  • Excel-based – user-friendly, intuitive interface
  • 30-day free trial available from website without annoying registration process
  • Prices start from $199 per annum

Tools for Money

Financial Planning Software & Calculators for Consumers & Pros: Investment, mutual fund picks, budgeting, retirement, asset allocation/model portfolios, net worth, college funding, investment policy statements, real estate, bonds, life insurance, fact finders, seminar, how-to e-book, freebies, links, and tips.


WealthElements™ is a sales-oriented, fully integrated suite of web tools designed to help financial advisors manage every elements for their clients’ wealth. In addition to EquiSoft’s flagship Asset Allocation Analyst™, WealthElements offers the following integrated modules: Investment Policy Statement (IPS), Net Worth Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Retirement Needs Analysis, Education Needs Analysis, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, Disability Insurance Needs Analysis , Critical Illness Needs Analysis, Insurance Illustrations and Electronic Applications.

  • Ideal for use with existing clients or as part of a client acquisition strategy.
  • Client data import through back-office integration.
  • Aggregation of a broad range of investment product data (e.g. mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and SMAs).
  • Configurable at the corporate and individual levels.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Simple, multi-lingual interface.
  • Customizable, client-friendly reports and proposals.

WealthElements provides you with the tools you need to efficiently generate industry-leading reports and proposals customized to any client’s particular needs.

Windham Portfolio Advisor

The Windham Portfolio Advisor® (WPA) is a complete asset allocation, risk management, and simulation platform designed to assist the most sophisticated investment professionals in the construction of efficient portfolios. Perform complex portfolio analysis using the WPA’s intuitive workflow and implement the latest portfolio construction innovations into your investment process with support from Windham’s experienced client servicing team. Work with Windham for access to:

  • Industry leading asset allocation solutions for construction of optimal portfolios including mean-variance, multi-goal, and full-scale optimization
  • Powerful capital market forecasting employing Windham’s measures of turbulence for determining the behavior of assets in various market environments on a before and after tax basis; use CAPM, implied returns, Bayesian analysis (including Black-Litterman) and custom forecasts to develop realistic estimates for return
  • Cutting edge portfolio risk management—including within horizon risk measurements like POL, VAR and CVAR—that provides a deeper understanding of the complex and true sources of portfolio risk
  • Comprehensive cash flow simulation for modeling growth over time and evaluating the likelihood of meeting future goals and commitments while considering inflation, planned contributions and withdrawals
  • Professional report & proposal features that facilitate effective communication of investment policies and plans by generating comprehensive reports customized to your audience
  • Windham’s acclaimed, independent research and exclusive resources, including the Windham Turbulence Index™