Contact Management Software

Contact Management software will enable you to manage all client and prospect communications and interactions. Search the AdvisorTek vendor directory for Contact Management providers to help you manage client relationships to ensure long-term success as your practice grows.

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Act4Advisors is a custom ACT! database and layout template designed specifically for financial services professionals. With our experience in financial services and ACT!’s experience with contact management, we have designed Act4Advisors. Most ACT! users never have the time nor the expertise to customize their ACT! program. As a result, they never get the full power of what ACT! can do for them and their business. They miss opportunities and that means loss of revenue or worse yet LOST OPPORTUNITIES.

Advisors Assistant

The Client Management System that helps you increase sales and run your office at peak efficiency. Client Marketing Systems, Inc. has been the leader in client management software and investment management software since 1985. Advisors Assistant® is specifically written for registered reps, financial planners, insurance professionals, and entire offices or agencies. It combines client tracking, investment tracking, insurance tracking and contact management to help you increase sales and streamline your office.

Bill Good Marketing System

The Bill Good Marketing System is a computer-based, client marketing, prospecting and office management system. It includes a wealth of letters, campaigns, training material, job descriptions and more, all developed and refined over a 17-year period.

Brokers Ally

Broker’s Ally is a powerful marketing tool that helps financial consultants open new accounts, gather assets, do trades and manage the financial details of customer relationships. The application provides unlimited flexibility in record management. Detailed and accurate information is available instantaneously to better serve client, prospect and clerical or managerial needs. Broker’s Ally gives you the power you need to quickly execute your best sales and marketing strategies. Put the power of Broker’s Ally on your computer and watch your business grow.


The full featured, easy to use, contact management system for financial sales professionals. Increases your client service by instantly displaying client appointments, notes, remarks, family information, insurance policies, and investments. Increases your productivity by tracking appointments, automatically reminding you of upcoming marketing activities, and fully synchronizing with your Laptop and PDA. Improves your closing ratio by tracking clients though the underwriting or acquisition process. Gives you insight into your production through commission and premium reports. Improves your sales office productivity through full network support, support for multiple producers, multi-level password protection, and automatic system backups. Works with Microsoft Office to create emails, form letters, and custom reports.


Grendel is a sophisticated online solution designed specifically for financial advisors. It integrates all the tools a practice needs to stay ahead of the curve in one easy to use package. With Grendel, advisors have access to unlimited account aggregation, an advanced CRM, a compliant paperless office solution, client portal, and practice management tools. Control you monsters with Grendel and increase compliance, reduce costs, and generate more revenue! Grendel also has a supervisory module available for broker/dealers. This allows the b/d to remotely audit their advisors, unify compliance management, manage retention policies, maintain comprehensive records, access all advisor files instantly, and more. Grendel even automates many of these functions and proactively notifies the supervisor of potential issues.


INSCOMM Software Inc. developed and markets an “industry specific” database software program for Registered Representatives, Financial Planners, Insurance Agents, Agencies and Broker/Dealers. From back-office portfolio management and internet download of securities data to a superior contact management and marketing component, INSCOMM’s umbrella of features spans the breadth of work typically done by several separate software programs which you may be using today.


You can spend less time managing client data—and more time making use of it—with  Investigo®’s Smart Data Advisor Solution. In one easy-to-use web-based platform, you gain a powerful array of tools for data aggregation, reporting, client relationship management (CRM), online document management and practice management.

Investment Gold

Investment Gold is an add-on to GoldMine, the award-winning contact management system for workgroups. Investment Gold transforms GoldMine into a powerful and comprehensive client care system designed to meet the specific needs of a successful wealth management practice. Investment Gold consists of three components: (1) a comprehensive suite of wealth management customizations to GoldMine Investment Gold Tools, (2) software that performs a number of tasks that would be complex and/or time consuming to perform directly in GoldMine Investment Gold Bridge, (3) software that copies client information exported from a number of leading back-office systems into our customized version of GoldMine.


Junxure® is the on-premises CRM solution for financial advisors. It was created exclusively for financial advisors based on the experiences of a financial advisor. With Junxsure, you can Store all your contact information in one place, manage workflow with total office management features, import and export between financial advisory systems , track emails and calendars seamlessly through integration with Microsoft® Outlook, use Junxure’s database management tools to easily query your data and send bulk email messages and letters and monitor your firm’s performance with business development dashboards.


Kronos Finance

Kronos Finance is a client management Web application designed and developed specifically for financial and insurance professionals. It is a centralized database, which you own, that contains your clients’ complete insurance and investment information.

Maximizer CRM

As a pioneer and leader in CRM software, Maximizer CRM enables you to do more with less, providing a central hub with instant access to the entire history of every customer or prospect – whether accessing through a mobile device, online, or in the office. It integrates with business tools you already use, including Microsoft Outlook®, Exchange® and Office, and popular accounting software. Maximizer CRM can be easily configured to meet the specific needs of your business and enables managers and executives to gain insight into the performance of the business through dashboards and reports. Learn how Maximizer CRM will help you attract more prospects, win new customers, and increase repeat business.

Morningstar Office

Morningstar Office is our complete practice and portfolio management system for independent financial advisors. It features robust portfolio management and performance reporting, advanced research capabilities, sophisticated investment planning, and secure communications using the Client Web Portal. Morningstar Office users can also outsource their account management and reconciliation to us, or take advantage of our portfolio data aggregation service. A mobile companion to the platform makes the Morningstar reports, ratings, and research you and your clients know available on your iPad®, even when you’re away from your office.

Redtail Technology

Redtail Technology delivers web-based Client Relationship Management (CRM) solutions for the Financial Advisor called Our Business Online. This is not your typical off-the-shelf CRM solution, rather one designed from the ground up to meet the challenging needs of financial advisors. Unlike traditional CRM solutions, Our Business Online, is easy to use, quick to deploy and delivers a rapid return on investment. Because Our Business Online is delivered as a subscription service, financial advisors are able to focus on growing their business instead of managing software technology.

Practice Builder

Practice Builder Financial is a complete CRM system. It is designed to carry you from your first reference to a prospect, through the introduction and planning process, to a permanent, continued relationship thereafter. You might already use Act or Outlook. The difference is that Practice Builder as a software tool customized for financial professionals. A fully interrelated data base stores extensive information on your clients and prospects: all contact data, personal profile, preferences, spouse, children, professional advisors, third party vendors, institutions, account values and more.

ProTracker Advantage

ProTracker Advantage is a client-centered contact and practice management system specifically designed by and for financial planning and investment management professionals. ProTracker Cloud provides a web-based, easy-to-access relationship management tool that busy professionals can use from anywhere.


Referral Pod is a on-line tool that helps professionals and institutions build and track referrals so you can inspect what you expect and ignite referrals.  Referral Pod believes if you can’t measure referrals, you can’t manage them.  This tool allows you to automate and optimize your process, easily qualify and quantify referral activity, and generate a range of referral reports. It is not a Contact Mgmt solution but it can/does integrate with various CRM providers, Pareto Platform for instance.


Ebix’s SmartOffice is a web-based CRM and AMS solution for the insurance and financial services industry. Serving the financial services community since 1986 and in use by many of the top 20 Fortune 500® Life companies, SmartOffice is the technology choice for thousands of advisors worldwide.


Wealth Advisor CRM 

“First-time users should be able to use the application immediately. Context sensitive drop-down menus, tabs and hotlinks minimize clicks and minimize errors. Wealth Advisor CRM’s offering may be just different enough and inexpensive enough to attract a sizable following.” – Joel Bruckenstein – Financial Planning Magazine