Estate Planning Software

The estate plan is a a fundamental part of a comprehensive financial plan and allows for assets in an estate to be efficiently distributed in a tax efficient manner. Search the comprehensive AdvisorTek directory for Estate Planning software solutions to help clients take control of their personal finances.

Advisor Profiles
“A visual, one page executive summary of the valuable services you provide to your clients.”

Advisor Profiles is a professionally created one page Value Profile statement in PDF format that summarizes the services and value you provides to your clients.

  • Customized with the Services you provide to your clients.
  • Branded with your logo, name, photo, biography and contact information.
  • Dead simple to create – simply fill out a 10 minute online form and let our graphics designer take care of the rest.
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Advisys solutions, based on a technology platform that is flexible, efficient and highly customizable, empower financial professionals to quickly produce accurate, personalized financial plans for their clients. Processes and technology deliver up-to-date, unbiased reports and services that encourage consumers to participate in the development of financial plans that fit their individual needs.

BNA Estate and Gift Tax Planner

Create accurate, professional, and compelling estate plans and presentations for your clients, no matter how large or complex the estate. With BNA Estate & Gift Tax™ Planner, you can develop innovative strategies, see the interplay of all variables, and produce solid, comprehensive plans that show your clients how to reach their goals.

Brentmark Software

Brentmark® Software provides personal financial planning products and services for professionals and consumers: estate, financial, and retirement planning software; informational web sites (,,,,, and; online calculators (; and online publications ( Software products include Pension & Roth IRA Analyzer, RetireNow™, Kugler Estate Analyzer™, Estate Planning Tools, Estate Planning QuickView, PFP Notebook™, Stock Options Risk Analyzer, Savings Bond Toolkit, Retirement Income Navigator™, Charitable Financial Planner, IRS Factors Calculator, Pension Distributions Planner, Pension Distributions Calculator, and Minimum Distributions Calculator.

Crescendo Interactive

We provide powerful solutions for marketing, closing and administrating gifts.

Comprehensive Gift Plans (Crescendo Pro)
Crescendo Pro delivers everything you need to illustrate and close gifts. From persuasive donor-friendly proposals to detailed technical explanations, trust documents and the GiftLaw Pro charitable tax reference, Crescendo Pro is the most comprehensive planned gifts marketing package available.

Charitable Tax Proposal (Crescendo Estate)
The Crescendo Estate software includes the most common charitable tax plans used by professional advisors (attorneys, CPAs, financial planners and underwriters). Crescendo Estate includes client illustrations, gift calculations, technical explanations and the GiftLaw Pro tax reference.

Basic Gift Plans (CresLite & Crescendo Lite)
Use CresLite to create basic gift proposals. This streamlined software package is designed for field staff and organizations new to planned giving. Create donor proposals for the most basic planned gifts along with technical explanations, gift documents and more.


EstateWorks provides bankers, lawyers, accountants and estate planning and settlement professionals with a system to track and streamline complex processes, information flow, and estate holdings. EstateWorks was designed exclusively for the estate professional by a team with decades of estate administration experience. The interface has an intuitive navigation system that tracks the way you work; with an easy-to-use “dashboard” to quickly review all your estates, tasks and high priority notes in a centralized location. EstateWorks provides 1-click access to all key features of the platform.

Finance Logix

Estate planning is a foundation of a sound financial plan. Finance Logix Estate planning tools help advisors assess client’s net worth and suggest ways to ensure that client’s dependents are not burdened with debt. Life insurance is an important part of the estate planning, because it provides valuable death benefits, may accumulate cash value and possibly serve as a vehicle to fund future needs.


Fore! Trust Software

Our software provides you with an automated process for the drafting and assembly of completely state specific estate planning documents. This process does not involve “canned forms” but uses highly intuitive, context sensitive “question and answer” dialogs for the preparation of quality documents custom created for each client by any professional in a matter of minutes.


NumberCruncher is Steve Leimberg’s authoritative estate planning decision-maker and “electronic survival tool”. It is the essential “instant answers” solution for estate, business, and financial planners. This intuitively easy-to-use tool requires practically no learning curve. New users will be astounded by how quickly NumberCruncher can be mastered, how many creative tasks it performs, and how amazingly fast you have your answers.


PenD’Calc Software is a scalable integrated retirement distribution and estate planning software system which focuses on modeling the singular and/or combined impact of various planning options unique to qualified dollar assets on retirement income, estate taxes, and beneficiary income streams.


WealthTec specializes in providing leading edge financial and estate planning software solutions to professionals serving wealthy and ultrawealthy clients. Founding president, Howard Eisenberg, is a highly credentialed, former financial planning practitioner who has driven WealthTec to become a leader in the advanced financial and estate planning software industry. WealthTec Suite was created by someone like you, an experienced wealth planning advisor who serves an upscale, demanding clientele. Thus, nothing is lost in the translation between subject matter expert and software developer. As a WealthTec Suite user you can expect to have a great deal more modeling and presentation capabilities than you have ever had.

ZCALC Estate Planner

The zCalc Tool Box Suite is now part of the ONESOURCE brand. The Estate Planner module of ONESOURCE Trust & Estate Administration offers the analytical products and tools you depend on to create and present powerful tax and estate planning strategies. But now it offers improved integration and greater flexibility under a united brand.