Financial Planning Software

AdvisorTek resources provide financial planners access to an array of Financial Planning Software options to help them build comprehensive financial plans to assist clients reach their financial and life goals.

Advisor Profiles
“A visual, one page executive summary of the valuable services you provide to your clients.”

Advisor Profiles is a professionally created one page Value Profile statement in PDF format that summarizes the services and value you provides to your clients.

  • Customized with the Services you provide to your clients.
  • Branded with your logo, name, photo, biography and contact information.
  • Dead simple to create – simply fill out a 10 minute online form and let our graphics designer take care of the rest.
  • Click here to view a sample Profile.

Advisory World ICE 

AdvisoryWorld’s web-based ICE Application features Portfolio and Investment Management Analysis, Proposal Generation and Financial Analysis & Planning Software. Planning functions this product covers: College/education funding, Investment/portfolio/securities analysis, Financial Needs Analysis, Portfolio Management, Financial Statement Analysis, Retirement Planning Software Features and Risk management framework.


Financial professionals choose Advisys to capture, cross-sell, educate and serve the middle class and mass affluent customer. Advisys solutions, based on a technology platform that is flexible, efficient and highly customizable, empower financial professionals to quickly produce accurate, personalized financial plans for their clients. Processes and technology deliver up-to-date, unbiased reports and services that encourage consumers to participate in the development of financial plans that fit their individual needs.


Advizr is the most intuitive financial planning software in the market. Develop income distribution and tax planning strategies. Provide your clients with comprehensive life, disability and LTC planning. It’s so easy to use that you can start planning right away. Sit side by side with your client to complete a plan in minutes. Create and tweak plans with your clients in real-time. It’s that simple. Our sleek interface hides a myriad of powerful tools to serve your clients. Social security? Pensions? Annuities? RMDs? Yes, we handle all of them and more.

ASI Advisor Software

ASI’s  goalgamiPro is the best Financial Planning software solution for financial advisors with too little time on their hands. With goalgamiPro, you can create goal-based financial plans consisting of a household balance sheet and cash flow plan, then generate professional goal achievement reports for your clients in a matter of minutes.

Brentmark Software

Brentmark® Software provides personal financial planning products and services for professionals and consumers: estate, financial, and retirement planning software; informational web sites (such as and; and online calculations (  Software products include Retirement Plan Analyzer, Estate Planning Tools, PFP Notebook™, Retirement Distributions Planner, Kugler Estate Analyzer™, Income Strategy Generator™, Charitable Financial Planner, Estate Planning QuickView, and Savings Bond Toolkit.  All Brentmark software programs run on current desktop versions of Windows.


Bucket Bliss

Bucket Bliss™ Advisor software is the perfect income-planning tool for both retirees and those planning for retirement. The Bucket Bliss™ Strategy is simple and easy to understand. Clients comprehend and embrace it. They don’t feel intimidated because it perfectly balances risk and reward. Our goal at Bucket Bliss™ Advisor is to provide the best income planning software and marketing/educational tools at a fair, affordable price. We have NO contracts. Every subscription is month to month.

CashFlow Insite

Cashflow INSITE™ enables Financial Advisors to integrate client spending information into financial planning tools, and gain a better understanding of their clients’ financial situation, income, and spending. As well as improving the advisor/client relationship, advisors can help their clients find money to invest using Cashflow INSITE™ by analyzing client spending and identifying areas where changes can be made.

Cheshire Software

Cheshire Wealth Manager is a fully integrated financial planning software. This wealth management software includes Monte Carlo probability analysis using goal or cash-flow based planning. With the Cheshire Wealth Manager, you will have the tools you need to engage new clients and strengthen existing client relationships by creating detailed, easy to understand retirement and lifetime income plans. As an advisor, you can use the Cheshire Wealth Manager to: Generate a comprehensive, financial plan for your clients;  Reduce the time you are spending collecting and entering client data; Run locally or in the Cheshire cloud


Providing an interactive wealth management platform for advisors and their clients, emX features an intuitive interface, powerful integrations and multiple financial planning options to meet your clients’ every need. emX is the most advanced planning and practice management tool in the industry with: Cash Flow Planning, Estate Planning, Advanced Planning, Goal-Based Planning, Vault, Aggregation, Practice Management, Investment Planning and Retirement Income Planning.


ESPlanner eliminates the guess work in financial planning. Its patented algorithms do lifetime budgeting, calculating how much to spend, save, and insure each year to maintain your family’s living standard. ESPlanner also helps you find safe ways to raise your living standard, often dramatically. And it shows you the living standard risks and rewards of aggressive investing and how to build a floor to your living-standard.


ExecPlan is a professional financial and tax planning system for high-end clients. At Sawhney Systems, we have been developing and supporting financial and tax planning software for 3 decades. By carefully listening to users, we have continually refined ExecPlan to meet the ever changing needs of financial planners. And, by harnessing advances in the technology, we’ve led the way in innovative solutions, helping us create the most versatile financial planning software available for individuals.

ExecPlan Express

ExecPlan Express is based on our flagship product, ExecPlan, a leading financial planning software used for high-end clients. ExecPlan Express is a fully integrated financial planning software system for professional planners. It enables the creation of comprehensive plans that analyze an individual’s personal finance over the entire life expectancy in any level of detail you desire. Within minutes you will be able to print a variety of professionally formatted reports supported with customized charts, graphs and schedules.

FPS System

FPS combines professional financial planning software with a contact management system making it easy to stay in touch. Designed for professional financial planners and life insurance agents.

Finance Logix

Finance Logix® combines the latest technologies with easy-to-use financial planning software to help advisors grow their business and enhance the services they provide to clients. Using this software allows the advisors spend less  time constructing plans and more time implementing them. Take advantage of our innovative, interactive and dynamic financial planning tools to engage, educate and communicate with clients and prospects today.

Income Discovery

Income Discovery is an online investment advice software offering from Fiducioso Advisors, SEC Registered Investment Advisor. The software is offered to Financial Advisors (not to general public) to help them build retirement income plans for their clients. Unlike Financial Planning Tools, which are merely software to run planning calculations, key capabilities of Income Discovery, such as optimization and constant cash flow bond ladder construction, qualify as giving Investment Advice. Hence Income Discovery software provides investment advice to Financial Advisors in construction of a retirement income plan for their clients under the terms described in the commercial agreement.


IncomeMax LLC. develops needs analysis and retirement planning sales solutions for insurance and financial planning professionals. IncomeMax enables agents and advisors to rapidly perform needs analysis, create a financial “Call to Action”, position their products, and along the way build the client confidence required to close the sale. Based in Sacramento California, IncomeMax LLC. has a skilled team working together to create products that solve clients real world financial problems and enhance professionals ability to close sales.

Income Solver

Income SolverTM is unlike any other software. This specialized application focuses only on creating tax-efficient retirement income for your clients. Clients receive a personalized strategy that includes all of their retirement resources thoughtfully integrated into recommendations on how to most efficiently generate income, including the following elements: Income needs and expense management, Spend-down strategy and optimal Social Security claiming.


inStream Solutions is the industry’s first proactive financial planning software for advisors. Proactive planning needs to be smart, and smart financial advisors are both knowledgeable, and at the center of their clients’ financial lives. Features include a  Dashboard Overview, Automated Alerts, Goals-Based Financial Planning, Safe Savings Rate, Wealth Management Calculators and Business Intelligence and Trends.


Integrate2000 by PlanWare, Inc. is a unique, Excel-based financial planning software, designed specifically for professional financial planners. It is the
most comprehensive and analytically rich financial planning software on the market today.

Interactive Advisory Software

Interactive Advisory Software answers the call of wealth managers nationwide for a unified wealth management system that empowers them to spend more time interacting with clients, and less time on non-revenue-producing activities. The Interactive wealth servicing software solution combines Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Back-Office Services/Reconciliation, Client Access Portals and Rebalancing. Everything located in one database. Everything built on one platform. And your data and programs are always just one click away.

J&L Software

J&L’s retirement and financial planning software is a cost-effective program for developing strategies for retirement, education, home ownership and other goals; showing how those strategies are affected by life financial events such as inflation, taxes, mortgages and loans; and creating viable options in the plan through calculators for mortgages, refinance analysis, accelerated mortgage payments, inflation, trade-off analysis, required minimum distributions and credit card payoffs.


Kronos FNA

Discover Kronos FNA, your complete online financial and insurance needs analysis tool. Give your clients access so that they can update their profile and save you time. Conduct analyses to determine your clients’ needs and quickly spot insurance and investment sales opportunities. Perform Life insurance, Retirement, Debt, Disability insurance and Critical illness insurance analysis.

Lumen Systems

Lumen Systems, Inc. is a leader in comprehensive financial planning software and back-office financial planning solutions. Our Financial Planning Professional desktop software program is a powerful, easy-to-use financial planning tool flexible enough to produce modular or comprehensive financial plans.


MoneyGuidePro helps you provide superior financial planning easier and faster. It lets you focus more of your time on the client’s unique needs and desires, and less time manipulating data. It can help you add more value to your relationship and more time to your day. Plus, its online collaboration capability offers a powerful new way to interact with and empower your client. Collaboration lets you work with any client, anywhere in the world at any time without leaving your home or office. It uses a high-tech approach to provide a high-touch service.

Money Tree

We are one of the pioneers in the financial planning software market, and have been providing quality financial and retirement planning software for financial professionals since 1981. Our software solutions are easy to use, simple to understand, and reasonably priced. Our TOTAL Planning Suite includes Easy Money- a comprehensive goal-based module and Golden Years a cash-flow module for disbursement planning. Silver Financial Planner & Silver Online were developed to create quick and simple plans that succinctly show clients their financial projections, and clearly illustrate financial concepts.


Meet each client’s unique needs with NaviPlan®, the industry’s most robust financial planning application and the undisputed leader for advanced planning, detailed calculations and client-friendly presentations and reports.  From retirement to education to business planning and more, NaviPlan can handle any client planning need you have. Its detailed cash flow analysis, regular tax updates and Monte Carlo scenario simulation calculations will keep your annual reports up to date and accurate, while its variety of planning levels helps you adapt to any needs uncovered in client meetings.

Plan Builder – Enteract

Plan Builder – Enteract is financial planning software helps you develop comprehensive financial plans, quickly and easily. Create unlimited “what-if” scenarios – including Monte Carlo simulations – then illustrate your plans with colorful charts and graphs. In real time. Plan Builder’s compelling, easy-to-understand presentation helps your clients see the wisdom of your plans immediately.


PlanFacts is an innovative, integrated, suite of products. Use each product individually or use them together to link concepts. PlanFacts tools are a great way to introduce concepts and as a bridge to your comprehensive, analytical planning platform. However you choose to use them, your clients are sure to remain interested and engaged throughout the entire presentation. PlanFacts is a great bridge to more comprehensive financial planning and ideal for estates under $5 Million.



PlanPlus is a leading provider of wealth management solutions to financial services firms worldwide. Our approach is based on 20 years of experience in delivering personal financial planning and investment advisory tools: Tools & Technology- Web-enabled advisory software – J2EE multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi-jurisdictional. Knowledge- Training and eLearning programs that show you how to implement a wealth management solution. Process- Our award winning Wealth Enhancement Process™ that integrates the solution into your business flows.

Planning Templates

Planning Templates is a simple and effective tool to communicate essential information to your clients in an understandable manner using Excel. While many advisors will purchase software to address a high-end client’s needs, in reality many clients do not need the degree of “fire power” provided by some of the comprehensive planning software packages.  As a result, many are seeking a simpler and less expensive tool to meet the needs of the middle market – those clients who want to know what time it is, not how the watch was made. The Planning Templates Excel-based tool makes logical sense, flows smoothly, and clients understand it. It is designed to edify the client – not just the advisor.


Designed by an advisor, RetireUp was created from the idea that clients want a simple way to understand their full retirement picture. The Why and How of Retirement Income  – Simply and effectively explain risks – and your strategies: FIAs, VAs, IUL, VUL and more.

Still River

Whether you need standard software for standard retirement planning or customized software for your company’s unique needs, Still River has both desktop and web-based solutions for you. Still River’s RetirementWorks® includes a wide array of calculators for pre-retirement and post-retirement planning. Among RetirementWorks® capabilities are complete calculations for early, normal and required distributions from qualified plans, needs-based income and annuitization calculations, asset allocation, and many others. Still River is constantly updating and adding capabilities to RetirementWorks®, making it an indispensable tool for all your retirement planning needs.

Tax Clarity

Tax Clarity will show your client how to use taxes in the most efficient way. Our tool will help you turn prospects to clients with a customized “tax map” report that, in less than five minutes, illustrates how non-taxable income may become taxable. You’ll be able to show how tax credits or deductions may be phased out at higher incomes and illustrate various income and tax scenarios.

Tools for Money

Financial Planning Software & Calculators for Consumers & Pros: Investment, mutual fund picks, budgeting, retirement, asset allocation/model portfolios, net worth, college funding, investment policy statements, real estate, bonds, life insurance, fact finders, seminar, how-to e-book, freebies, links, and tips.

Torrid Technologies

Retirement Savings Planner, Professional Edition, is for financial advisors, brokers, professionals, insurance agents, CPAs, attorneys, HR personnel and anyone else who wants to quickly and easily show clients, employees, plan participants, or potential clients their projected retirement income picture. Breaks the ice with new clients. Great for participant meetings, enrollment meetings, or quarterly client meetings. Great for one-on-one laptop meetings.


WealthElements™ is a sales-oriented, fully integrated suite of web tools designed to help financial advisors manage every elements for their clients’ wealth. In addition to EquiSoft’s flagship Asset Allocation Analyst™, WealthElements offers the following integrated modules: Investment Policy Statement (IPS), Net Worth Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Retirement Needs Analysis, Education Needs Analysis, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, Disability Insurance Needs Analysis , Critical Illness Needs Analysis, Insurance Illustrations and Electronic Applications.