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Portfolio Management Software

To help with asset management search the AdvisorTek directory of portfolio management and investment management software providers.

Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions Inc.

Adhesion has been delivering wealth advisor solutions since 1999. Its WealthADV platform is a comprehensive managed investing service, providing complete Unified Managed Account, client reporting and back office solutions to RIAs to help them stay at the forefront of the market and grow successful practices.

Advisory Alpha

Advisory Alpha provides a comprehensive investment advisory solution that is private labeled to your unique brand and integrates professional asset management, seamless practice management, and extensive marketing programs. This integrated asset management program is offered through strategic partnerships with select independent financial advisors.  While asset management may be the core service that advisors seek, successful advisors use a collection of resources and materials to support their specific investment strategies.

Many outsourced providers, such as third-party and turnkey asset managers, focus solely on investment services and fail to provide a complete solution.  Our professional asset management allows you to offer your clients innovative investment solutions designed to navigate the volatile markets and changing global economy. In addition, you gain access to a suite of marketing strategies to help you effectively utilize these investment services by building all aspects of the client relationship.

Our practice management resources drive efficiency for your operations resulting in an unmatched experience for your clients. This entire solution is wrapped with your brand to strengthen your firm’s identity.

Alpha Theory

Alpha Theory™ is a patent-pending Fundamental Portfolio Management Platform, created by a hedge fund, that gives investors a real-time framework to distill each asset’s research into a risk-adjusted return that is then used as the foundation to maximize risk-adjusted return for the entire portfolio. One inefficiently sized position can cost a fund millions of dollars and several inefficiently sized positions can put a fund out of business. As a result, the discipline of determining position size based on risk-adjusted return is the closely guarded secret and competitive advantage of some of the largest, most successful investors in the world.

Alpha Theory’s™ solution enhances that competitive advantage by combining the innovations and best practices of hundreds of portfolio managers, analysts, investment advisors, and other investment professionals into one portfolio management framework and overcomes the alpha-destroying effects of inefficient position sizing that plague fundamental investing today. 

Asset Allocation Analyst™

Asset Allocation Analyst™ is a sales-oriented web tool designed to help financial advisors create personalized investment proposals within minutes. The application features a simple 4-step portfolio construction and analytics process that helps build a compelling case for your investment recommendations.

  1. Determine the client’s current asset mix
  2. Determine the client’s investor profile
  3. Build an appropriate portfolio
  4. Review the recommendation

The Asset Allocation Analyst’s comprehensive list of analytics range from a simple investment growth chart to Alpha, Sortino and Monte Carlo metrics, allowing you to create a proposal that is as simple or complex as required. Furthermore, client data import through back-office integration can minimize the time required to generate proposals. The Asset Allocation Analyst can be purchased on its own or as a module within the WealthElements™ suite.


AssetBook is the premier Software as a Service (SaaS) portfolio management system for investment advisors. AssetBook provides advisors with a combination of web based software and personalized service. The result is a flexible, dynamic portfolio management and reporting platform. Traditionally many advisors spend as much as 80% of their time maintaining their portfolio management systems. AssetBook does the work for advisors. Your business is to manage your clients’ investments and relationships. AssetBook’s business is to manage and organize advisor’s client data and provide easy to use reports that help advisors manage their clients and relationships.

Atom Align 

BlazePortfolio provides streamlined technology applications to investment firms. Launched in 2005, BlazePortfolio has designed unique software for advisory firms to enhance the trading and household modeling process. The flagship application is Atom Align, a web-based, hybrid order management system designed for advanced household modeling and mutli-strategy, multi-custodian, and a multi-asset class approach to managing client portfolios.


Captool portfolio management software is an investment record keeping, performance measurement and portfolio management reporting tool designed for professional money managers, for sophisticated individual investors, and for others entrusted with managing investment assets. Professional versions of Captool incorporate time-saving features important to professional money managers, such as broker/dealer data interfaces, batch reporting, portfolio re-balancing, fee billing and client contact management. Captool allows you to maintain complete records of all portfolio transactions, periodically value your portfolios, track investment cost bases, compute investment return on investment (ROI) performance, and generate reports and graphs.

Cogency Software

Cogency is a leading provider of software solutions for investors with mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, and daily traded instruments. For over a decade, we have helped institutional investors increase efficiency while reducing operational risk. Through these engagements we’ve developed a deep understanding of investment operations and best practices which are at the heart of our products and services.

Today, our unified platform includes partnership accounting, portfolio management, manager due diligence, and investor relationship management solutions. Our clients are some of the world’s leading Fund of Funds, Endowments, Pensions, Outsourced CIOs, and Family Offices who collectively represent over $95 Billion of assets on the Cogency platform.


Croesus Finansoft is a worldwide software leader in the field of CRM and portfolio management. For many years, Croesus has been recognized on the market by thousands of users for its innovation, great reliability and user-friendliness.

This state-of-the-art, Web-based application manages every type of financial investment and is also real-time, multicurrency, multilingual and AIMR compliant. Furthermore, investment professionals can create simulations and model portfolios to offer global investment strategies to their clients. Croesus can produce more than 50 detailed reports and graphs such as: Asset Mix, Gains and Losses, Portfolio Evaluation, Performance and Projected Income.


Portfolio management software for investment advisors and professional wealth managers. We have embraced an expanded definition of portfolio management that includes reporting, rebalancing, trading, billing, a mobile-ready client portal and all other elements of your back office, integrated into a single platform.

Fund Manager

Fund Manager is powerful portfolio management software.  Fund Manager is available in Personal, Professional, or Advisor versions for the individual investor, professional trader, or investment advisor.


Soft Target’s iBalanceTM Wealth Management platform integrates compliance management, portfolio modeling, strategic portfolio rebalancing, workflow automation and reporting. It drastically improves efficiency and control while helping reducing costs. It provides the ability to react quickly, precisely and consistently while delivering personalized and increasingly complex portfolio management services. You can achieve pre-trade / just-in-time compliance, family portfolio management, active tax management, etc. It can integrate with an existing back office system and feed the trading system of your choice, preserving your technology investments.

Interactive Advisory Software

The Interactive wealth servicing software solution combines Portfolio Management, Financial Planning, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Back-Office Services/Reconciliation, Client Access Portals and Rebalancing. Everything located in one database. Everything built on one platform. And your data and programs are always just one click away. At a time when clients are demanding more information and more of your time, and you’re being asked to provide more transparency, our solution enables you to deliver more—and in the most client-focused manner possible.

Intuitive Allocations

IA provides high-end optimization software solutions to financial and energy institutions – ranging from strategic asset management to comprehensive risk analysis and forecasting. IA’s analytical and modeling tools integrate intellectual capital with new proprietary optimization methods.

Our enhanced optimization software, StableMetrics, utilizes patent-pending methods to incorporate heavy-tailed and skewed asset return characteristics. The comprehensive software solution meets the growing needs of investment professionals, enabling sophisticated modeling for screening, pricing, analyzing and allocating assets. Identify assets that drive performance, visualize the impact of market movements and report results with confidence.

Investment Management System

Investment Management System (IMS) is a powerful portfolio-management and accounting solution that utilizes state-of-the-art technology to deliver a superior solution for asset managers, mutual funds, insurance companies and pension plans. IMS’ accounting engine accurately accounts for most negotiable and non-negotiable instruments. Its flexible reporting and analytical capabilities combines simple customization with unmatched precision. Since 2001, VestServe has serviced financial institutions large and small. Whatever your investment needs, we can provide reliable products at a reasonable cost.

IPS AdvisorPro

Founded by financial advisors for financial advisors, IPS AdvisorPro® offers a flexible solution to creating, managing, and updating, fully-customized Investment Policy Statements (IPS) through an encrypted, secure web-based environment, quickly and easily. This award-winning system is designed to work with all types of wealth management professionals and their practices.


Kwanti is the industry’s first client-friendly tool for financial advisors to build and analyze investment portfolios in seconds, and even share live analytics with clients. The product’s interactive ‘what-if’ analytics emphasizing risk and diversification are combined with rich data visualization to significantly improve the advisor tool experience, making it a valuable complement to standard platforms.


m2Advisor is a high function desktop application for Financial Advisors to manage the relationship with investor clients in a collaborative manner, handle more clients professionally with less effort through direct access to all portfolio info and history, provide full Portfolio Management facilities including corporate actions and income tracking, produce advanced reporting, generate sophisticated Return Performance measurement, facilitate regulatory compliance, and extensive CRM features.


Macroaxis is a sophisticated, yet simple to use web-based personalized investment management service. Macroaxis increases risk-adjusted performance of managed portfolios using solid financial models written in the context of traditional fundamental analysis and practical portfolio theory based on mean-variance optimization. Since its 2010 launch Macroaxis has emerged as one of the nation’s leading online investing services, providing thousands of investors, wealth advisers, and money mangers with straight-forward and intelligent approach to optimizing investments across multiple portfolios.

MIMICS Financial Software

MIMICS Portfolio Management Modules offer powerful and flexible out-of-the-box solutions for managing your business’ portfolio needs. Get up and running quickly with our software’s many configurable options that easily adapt for different international and accounting standards. An extensive list of standard interfaces integrates directly with our software. We have software modules that manage proprietary trading; customer’s trading; mutual, pension, and hedge funds; and foreign-exchange reserves. MIMICS allows you to track an unlimited number of portfolios.  Each portfolio can contain an unlimited number of securities and currencies. MIMICS, Inc. has provided financial software to the financial services industry in the U.S. and overseas for over 35 years.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation

Built for productivity, Morningstar Advisor Workstation supports advisors with the latest Morningstar investment data, tools, and reports to serve existing clients and generate new business. Seamless integration with popular advisor systems automatically brings in current client and account data for the clearest view of your book of business. A mobile companion to the platform makes the Morningstar reports, ratings, and research you and your clients know available on your iPad, even when you’re away from your office.

Morningstar Office

Morningstar Office is our complete practice and portfolio management system for independent financial advisors. It features robust portfolio management and performance reporting, advanced research capabilities, sophisticated investment planning, and secure communications using the Client Web Portal. Morningstar Office users can also outsource their account management and reconciliation to us, or take advantage of our portfolio data aggregation service. A mobile companion to the platform makes the Morningstar reports, ratings, and research you and your clients know available on your iPad®, even when you’re away from your office..

New Frontier Advisors

New Frontier Advisors, LLC (NFA) is a creator of patented and proprietary investment technology for professional investors. Our mission is to develop and apply institutional-quality investment technology to improve asset management in practice. New Frontier has developed the first patented technology for portfolio optimization and asset allocation and the first patented technology for portfolio rebalancing. In addition, New Frontier has developed advanced technology for financial planning. New Frontier offers desktop products for financial professionals seeking institutional-quality applications and enterprise-level products and services for the institutional manager or consultant.


Overlap is a Web-based mutual fund analysis tool that reviews your clients’ or prospects’ mutual funds and individual equities. It’s an easy to use application that provides a comprehensive portfolio review and can evaluate equity and sector allocation in mutual funds on a percentage basis.  A “must have” resource that can be used as a strong sales tool.

Portfolio Center Hosted

Portfolio Center Hosted is a powerful, easy-to-use portfolio management and reporting solution. Run your operations more efficiently with advanced data-management and performance-measurement tools, as well as customizable accounting, reporting, and billing functions–all in one secure online solution hosted by us.  You can access, manage, and control all aspects of your data virtually anytime and anywhere. At the same time, you can reduce administrative tasks and minimize the costs of buying and maintaining hardware and software—or hiring IT staff. Firms that prefer to maintain their technology in-house can install PortfolioCenter as a software application and experience the same dynamic functionality.


PortfolioPathway provides financial advisors the tools needed to manage client accounts across multiple institutions in a single, web-based solution. PortfolioPathway offers performance reporting at account, group and household levels, customizable statements, account aggregation, benchmark comparisions, and many other advisor tools. PortfolioPathway can ease the burden of using multiple systems to get the information Advisors need to manage their clients.


For all your portfolio and asset management needs, PowerAdvisor gives you unlimited capability for clients, accounts, contacts, securities, asset classes, groups, models, indices and more. As an asset portfolio management system, PowerAdvisor allows you to accommodate your firm’s fee structure and billing methods with calculation options that offer the greatest flexibility. Access PowerAdvisor via an intuitive user interface with enhanced data security. Easily create quality presentation reports and increase processing efficiency with batch reporting and multiple export formats including PDF and Excel.


Opes’s PowerFolio solution offers most of the same great features as our global Unibanx product, but is tailor-made specifically for the Canadian market. Asset managers, fund managers and wealth managers are provided a central analytical and decision-making platform that utilizes functional modules to seamlessly integrate business workflows.

PowerFolio’s highlights for Canadian mutual fund dealers and full-service broker/dealers:

  1. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Realized and Unrealized P&L
  4. Tax slips and reports for registered products: RESP/RDSP, RRIF/LIF, TFSA

PowerFolio provides the following sophisticated tools to enhance your service offerings, mitigate risk and enable growth:

  1. Portfolio Simulation, Management and Valuation
  2. Performance Measurement
  3. Realized and Unrealized P&L
  4. Model Portfolio Design
  5. Rebalancing
  6. Benchmark Comparisons
  7. Reporting
  8. Reconciliation
  9. Client Management
  10. Fund Management
  11. Financial Instrument Management
  12. Operational Controls
  13. Investment Accounting



Quovo empowers sophisticated investors, portfolio managers, and investment advisors with data science tools that range from account aggregation to portfolio analytics and data visualizations. With proprietary technology and a user-friendly web interface, Quovo combines professional grade data horsepower with digital best practices.  Whether its data management, portfolio monitoring, client prospecting or in-depth analytics Quovo brings the most powerful innovations in financial technology for your workflow or practice.


SmartFolio, is a highly advanced, easy to use analytical tool to assist and enhance the management of investment portfolios according to the investor’s risk profile.  SmartFolio is a state-of-the-art asset allocation software aimed at all types of investors and investment professionals. Active SmartFolio users include institutional portfolio managers, investment advisors and sophisticated private investors. SmartFolio contains advanced asset allocation, portfolio optimization and risk management techniques, based on the most recent achievements in portfolio theory . The software combines highly advanced and innovative analytics with a user-friendly, intuitive interface, perfectly suited to any level of expertise and experience.

SS&C Advent

Portfolio management is your core business activity. Your success depends on it. So you need a technology platform that will never let you down. Whether you’re a one or two-person, equity-based advisor or a full-scale enterprise with global, multi-asset-class portfolios, Advent offers a solution to suit your needs. The common thread? Fast and easy access to accurate, reliable data to make informed decisions and deliver exceptional client service.


Windham Portfolio Advisor

The Windham Portfolio Advisor® is a complete asset allocation, risk management, and simulation platform for efficient portfolio construction. It is designed to assist the most sophisticated wealth managers and institutional investors – including asset managers, brokerage firms, consultants, plan sponsors, endowments, foundations, and family offices – in making informed asset allocation decisions. The intuitive workflow allows you to perform complex analyses quickly and easily, and the reporting capabilities and graphics support help you to convey complex financial concepts effectively to your clients.