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Advisorvalue.net Value Builder Professional compliant advisor profile software.
Value Builder

Ativa Interactive Corporation
Phone: (905) 648-3221
Email: info@ativa.com
Website: www.AdvisorValue.net

Helping advisors communicate the value they provide to clients.
Value Builder is an online tool that allows advisors to build custom, compliant Value Profiles for clients and prospects. By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can easily summarize the wide range of complex services they provide.

Compliant Content
Your marketing and compliance team determines the Value content advisors can choose from. This feature with the addition of your logo and disclaimer provides flexibility and ensures compliance and brand management.

Designed for Ease of Use
By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can create beautiful, professional Value Profiles that clearly illustrate the valuable services they provide.

Powerful Sharing Tools
Sharing is easy. Simply print, email or share online. Value Builder is fully responsive, so advisor value profiles will look spectacular on all platforms.

Suitable for Financial Professionals in all Countries
Now, more than ever is transparency important. Value Builder is a powerful tool for advisors to illustrate all they do to ensure they retain their clients and build new relationships. Value Builder is available in multiple languages and is customized for your content.  In the Canadian CRM2 environment, it is crucial that advisors clearly communicate the wide range of complex and valuable services to their clients.


Phone: (647) 722-1650
Email: email@adminproadvisor.com
Website: www.adminproadvisor.com

AdminPROadvisor.com helps financial advisors remove the paperwork barrier from their practices, setting them free to concentrate on building client relationships, growing their businesses, and enjoying their professions once again. Our 3-Click Administrative Assistant software was designed by advisors for advisors. It allows you to completely and accurately fill out any form in a split second with three mouse clicks.

You have complete control over your database with more than 300 fields designed specifically for investment and KYC forms. The ROI is huge and the simplicity of operation lets you quickly get down to the business of recouping your initial investment.


Datawhiz Information Systems Inc.
1110 Sheppard Ave. East, Suite 500
Toronto, ON M2K 2W2

Phone: (416) 229-1801
Email: support@calcuware.com
Website: www.calcuware.com

We are a corporation with accounting, taxation and software development expertise since 1982. The following financial programs have been developed by our firm: CalcuLeases – General Buy or lease an asset, which is better? CalcuLeases – Auto Buy or lease a car, which is better? CalcuMortgage – RRSP contribute or pay down your mortgage, which is better? CalcuRetire – You tell it how much you need to spend each month after retirement, and it tells you how much you need to save each month and vice versa! Car Lease – calculates any missing factor from a car lease arrangement! Mortgage – calculates any missing factor from a home mortgage arrangement and prints an amortization schedule and a reporting letter.

CashFlow Insite

Neuralus Canada
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Phone: 204-272-7173

Neuralus U.S.A.
San Diego California
Phone: 858-776-7549

Email: info@cashflowinsite.com
Website: www.cashflowinsite.com

Cashflow INSITE™ is the only budgeting application that offers client/advisor collaboration. We believe an advisor’s knowledge and guidance is an integral part of their clients’ financial success, now you can provide a solution that allows your clients’ to easily track their spending.

The advisor view of Cashflow INSITE gives you the ability to monitor your clients’ cash flow, creating additional opportunities to provide advice and further strengthen your relationship. In today’s economic environment, virtually everyone is concerned about their spending. Cashflow INSITE™ is a web-based budgeting application that learns and adapts to user interaction, which automates the task of assigning future transactions.

Cashflow INSITE greatly reduces the time and upkeep for users to track their spending which has been a major roadblock with traditional budgeting applications. With your guidance, helping clients get on track with their spending allows them to focus on taking control of their finances. Cashflow INSITE provides you as the advisor the opportunity and information to show clients the potential investment opportunities available within their budget.


210 South 77th Street
Omaha, NE 68114

Phone: (877) 884-7021
Email: melaine.gipp@cobrapoint.com
Website: www.cobrapoint.com

COBRApoint is the first truly web-based software for COBRA, HIPAA, State Continuation and Retiree Billing compliance administration. COBRApoint brings a new approach to managing your daily compliance obligations, so you can do your job easier and more efficiently.

COBRApoint features:

  • Effortless Data Migration
  • Browser Access
  • Intuitive & User Friendly Screens
  • HIPAA 834 and HR-XML Mapping
  • Compliance Guarantee
  • Integrated Document Management
  • Online Helpdesk

Visit www.cobrapoint.com to register for a free 30-day trial or contact us for a web demo where we will demonstrate how to deliver results and profits to your organization.

Cogency Software

500 Airport Boulevard, Suite 152
Burlingame, CA 94010

35 West 35th Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1001
New York, NY 10001

Phone: (650) 685-2500 General Inquiries
Phone: (650) 618-9600 Sales Inquiries
Website: www.cogencysoft.com

Cogency is a leading provider of software solutions for investors with mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, and daily traded instruments. For over a decade, we have helped institutional investors increase efficiency while reducing operational risk. Through these engagements we’ve developed a deep understanding of investment operations and best practices which are at the heart of our products and services.

Today, our unified platform includes partnership accounting, portfolio management, manager due diligence, and investor relationship management solutions. Our clients are some of the world’s leading Fund of Funds, Endowments, Pensions, Outsourced CIOs, and Family Offices who collectively represent over $95 Billion of assets on the Cogency platform.


Phone: (713) 589-7160
Email: sales@earthintegrate.com
Website: http://www.earthintegrate.com/pando

Earthintegrate is a leading provider of marketing technology with their relationship marketing platform, Pando. Pando makes localized marketing possible for national brands by integrating their content, assets and data sources to create 24/7 highly personalized marketing support. Get to the root of relationship marketing through improved sales enablement and enhanced marketing automation with Pando.

Family Law Software (formerly Split-Up Software)

Family Law Software, Inc.
831 Beacon St. Ste. #2900
Newton Ctr., MA 02459

Phone: (877) 477-5488
Email: info@familylawsoftware.com
Website: www.familylawsoftware.com

Family Law Software is by far the easiest and most complete financial planning software for divorce. The Financial Planner features: Comprehensive coverage of the income and property division issues surrounding divorce; Extensive tax coverage, including federal tax calculations, alimony vs. child support, exemptions, filing status, etc. Rapid data entry screens – get quick estimates in seconds, then rapidly fill in the details and an innovative and easy-to-use What If capability.

Family Office Network

2665 Fourth Ave.
San Diego, CA 92103

Phone: ( 866) 801-1553
Email: sales@familyofficenetwork.com
Website: www.familyofficenetwork.com

FamilyOfficeNetwork is a leading provider of web-based client portals for advisory firms giving them the ability to securely share any type of file, report, or document with clients and the clients’ other advisors through a well-organized virtual vault. Tasking and other unique communication tools are included to help advisors more efficiently communicate, collaborate, and coordinate with clients and the clients’ advisory team.

Advisors across the country have discovered significant savings in time and money, while improving their client service and technology offerings with FamilyOfficeNetwork. At the same time, they’ve experienced increased referrals, as a result of better collaboration with other professionals.

Financial Wizard

Brewer Consulting, LLC

Phone: (800) 609-9242
Email: info@investmentcalculator.net
Website: www.investmentcalculator.net

Financial Wizard lets you easily calculate the real profit and compound rate-of-return on each of your investments. You can conveniently inventory the historical activity of each of your investments, intelligently compare which of them has performed better than others and then make informed decisions to allow you to re-position your under performing investments.


Suite #425, 376 Victoria Ave
Westmount (Montreal), Quebec, Canada  H3Z 1C3

Phone: (888) 530-6125
Email: sales@fixmestick.com

Computer viruses are painfully difficult to detect and remove once your PC gets infected. The infection weaves itself into your system, making life miserable for you and your PC, while your files, photos, bank accounts, and identity are at stake. At FixMeStick, we’re the computer security geeks who get the calls from friends and family members when they need a malware fix.

We’re also founded by computer security engineers with 15 years of industry experience providing consumer PC security solutions to the world’s leading Internet Security Providers like Verizon, AT&T, Bell Canada, and Virgin Media. We poured ourselves into the design of the FixMeStick to make it a simple-to-use, self-updating, handheld device that contains its own operating system so it can’t be messed with by the infections on your PC.

GSL Galactic Consulting

944 Stockton Street
Indianapolis, IN 46260-4925

Phone: (317) 254-0385
Email: gpsep@aol.com
Website: GSL Galactic 

Gary S. Lesser is a nationally known consultant, author, educator, and speaker on retirement plans. Mr. Lesser is also the developer of several retirement plan software programs which are used for designing and illustrating contributions under retirement plans.

His three programs, QP-SEP IllustratorTM, SIMPLE IllustratorR, and the TSA Calculator and MEA AnalyzerTM are marketed and distributed nationally. He also provides marketing, sales, and technical support services to financial consultants, insurance agents, pension practitioners, investment managers, and financial institutions.

I Pro Advisers Inc.

Toronto, Canada

Phone: (416) 363-2220
Website: www.IProAdvisers.com

I Pro Advisers inc. is the leading provider of Software as a Service (SaaS) Connecting Financial professionals with their clients all from one webportal. No need to learn half dozen software to run your business, Our sophisticated yet simple webportal allows Advisers to manage their website look and feel, email, newsletters, marketing campaigns, client communications and many more from one central location “Your Website” Our outstanding customer support around the clock helping you achieve your goals is our number one commitment to you. Visit us for a no obligation live demo.

IPS AdvisorPro

Email: IPSAdvisorProSales@fi360.com
Website: www.IPSAdvisorPro.com

Founded by financial advisors for financial advisors, IPS AdvisorPro® offers a flexible solution to creating, managing, and updating, fully-customized Investment Policy Statements (IPS) through an encrypted, secure web-based environment, quickly and easily. This award-winning system is designed to work with all types of wealth management professionals and their practices.

Laser App

2345 W. Foothill Blvd., Suite 10
Upland, CA 91786

Phone: (800) 985-2174
Email: sales@laserapp.com
Website: www.laserapp.com 

The Laser App form filling system for the independent financial advisor. Laser App uses your Broker Dealer, Rep, and Client data pulled directly from your contact management system and/or database and automatically fills out securities, annuity, and other various financial forms quickly and efficiently. Simply choose a client then select a form from the Laser App forms library of over 3000 financial forms to fill out. Laser App will take your Client, Rep, and Broker Dealer information and insert it into the appropriate fields of the form for you automatically. You can quickly edit the forms right from your computer screen! Your client data is maintained by you in your contact management system and/or database, while we do the ongoing work of providing you with the latest and most up to date forms.

LaserFiche Paperless Office

Partnervest Financial Group LLC
2020 Alameda Padre Serra, Suite #135
Santa Barbara, California 93103

Phone: (805) 966-1266
Email: info@partnervest.com
Website: www.partnervest.com 

Partnervest understands your document management problems and has joined with LaserFiche® to deliver an affordable paperless office solution for your business. LaserFiche is a world-renowned provider of enterprise document imaging and management solutions. LaserFiche’s revolutionary paperless office software stores, indexes and retrieves paper and electronic images in more than 18,000 installations for governments, educational and financial institutions around the world. Partnervest’s technology integrates LaserFiche’s paperless office software with customized solutions for Financial Professionals and Financial Institutions.

LifeGuide Pro

650 Hwy #7 East, Suite 308
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 2N7

Phone: (905)-886-3314
Email: colg@lifeguide.com
Website: www.lifeguide.com

The LifeGuide® Professional Software sets the standards for life insurance and financial products’ research, evaluation, information and quotation software.

The LifeGuide® Professional software provides unmatched power and flexibility, and covers the largest number of insurers and the broadest range of products. The range of products covered in LifeGuide® includes Term, T100, Whole Life, Universal Life, Critical Illness, Guaranteed Issue, Simplified Issue and Niche products. In addition to comprehensive year by year quantitative detail, the LifeGuide® Professional Software also includes extensive supplementary information on each product. Furthermore, this professional software also includes useful supplementary tools, analysis functions and resource material. Produced independently of all insurance sales and marketing organizations, the LifeGuide® Professional Software provides subscribers with the benefits of a wide and significant service and competitive advantage.The LifeGuide® Professional Software is best suited for knowledgeable consumer-minded insurance and financial advisors.


Financial Psychology Corporation
1201 South View Drive
Sarasota, FL 34242

Phone: (408) 735-7935
Email: info@financialpsychology.com
Website: www.financialpsychology.com

Financial Psychology Corporation’s Moneymax® materials have been developed for financial professionals to fulfill the challenge of understanding how to establish better rapport, enhance trust and optimally satisfy potential and current clients. The Profile reports easily translate into the development of personalized presentations which target clients unique money management needs and desires. The Moneymax Profiling System provides consultants and advisors with significant and critical information about their clients’ individual money management styles – information about both their spoken and unspoken needs. Moneymax helps you translate and maximize your clients’ financial attitudes into confident and successful financial decisions. Moneymax help solidify your relationship with your current and prospective clients.

Open Finance Network 

1930 Camden Road Suite 2070-B
Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel: (704) 831-5600
Website: www.ofn.com

The Open Finance Network (OFN) provides a comprehensive suite of technology products and services for fee-only advisors and family offices. These services are enterprise-wide and can conform and scale to the most sophisticated and complex wealth management and portfolio strategies. OFN’s enterprise solution is called AGILE: The Advisor Control Center by OFN. AGILE is the first system to fully automate the advisor’s business practice. AGILE links the advisor’s desktop seamlessly to OFN’s state-of-the-art back office processing center. The result? AGILE reduces financial and administrative friction in the advisor’s organization. That means fewer hassles, fewer errors, less risk, reduced costs, and greater responsiveness to the client.

North American Lifestyle Corporation

Suite 1808, 63 Widdicombe Hill Boulevard
Etobicoke, Ontario, M9R 4B2

Phone: (514) 333-4094
Email: george@lifestyleplanner.com
Website: www.lifestyleplanner.com

Our professional services focus on certifying Financial and Lifestyle Planners in the effective usage of the Enhanced Lifestyle Planner with clients. We support our certified Financial and Lifestyle Planners by:

  • Providing them with articles and other handouts which can be used with their clients or staff members
  • Providing them with PowerPoint presentations downloadable from the Web for use with clients and staff members
  • Listing certified Financial and Lifestyle Planners in our Directory of Planners
  • Delivering on an ongoing basis our PROFESSIONAL SERVICES to support the Enhanced Lifestyle Planner


Phone: (800) 463-4854
Email: contactus@plangiv.com
Website: www.plangive.com

We offer gift planning ideas for the people who support education, healthcare, the arts, social services and many more charitable and religious endeavours across our country. Offering a full range of gift planning products and services to Canadian charities such as: Consulting Services to strengthen the Gift Planning Program and Leading Edge Marketing Materials to foster planned giving by donors.


22 Royaledge Way
Waterdown, ON L0R 2H5

Phone: (877) 769-3769
Website: www.power-assist.com

PowerAssist Technologies designs and implements technology solutions based on a proven successful methodology to drive revenue and reduce risk. Customers benefit from the business case approach ensuring that an automated or integrated Microsoft solution creates measurable efficiencies, or revenue gains and reduced risk.


110 w 30th Street, Suite 5A
New York, NY 10001

Email:  info@quovo.com
Website: quovo.com

Quovo empowers sophisticated investors, portfolio managers, and investment advisors with data science tools that range from account aggregation to portfolio analytics and data visualizations. With proprietary technology and a user-friendly web interface, Quovo combines professional grade data horsepower with digital best practices.  Whether its data management, portfolio monitoring, client prospecting or in-depth analytics Quovo brings the most powerful innovations in financial technology for your workflow or practice.

ReferralPod (powered by SuccessQuest))

15750 Venture Lane
Eden Prairie MN 55344 USA

Telephone: (888) 838-0402
Email: info@sqapps.com
Website: www.referral-pod.com

Referral Pod is a on-line tool that helps professionals and institutions build and track referrals so you can inspect what you expect and ignite referrals.  Referral Pod believes if you can’t measure referrals, you can’t manage them.  This tool allows you to automate and optimize your process, easily qualify and quantify referral activity, and generate a range of referral reports. It is not a Contact Mgmt solution but it can/does integrate with various CRM providers, Pareto Platform for instance.

45 Robots Inc.

Suite 302-788 Beatty Street
Vancouver, BC. Canada V6B 2M1

Website: http://45robots.com/

Simple to use, web-based software for solo advisors and small practice groups. Designed to manage your contacts, tasks, client files and compliance needs while facilitating online collaboration between your team, suppliers and clients. No long-term contracts. No set-up fees. Helpful Support. Work from anywhere. 30-day free trial.


#221-2323 Quebec Street
Vancouver, BC V5T 3A3

Phone: (604) 709-9663
Email: sales@scantechcorp.com
Website: www.scantechcorp.com

If you feel overwhelmed by the paperwork generated by your business, Vancouver-based ScanTech Imaging Corp. may have the answer you are looking for. ScanTech was founded in 1998 to respond to the growing demand for imaging and document management solutions. Along with these service solutions, ScanTech is the number one provider of interactive forms software products, including e/Forms financial software. e/Forms is used by over 3000 financial advisors across Canada.


13131 Dairy Ashford, Suite 210
Sugar Land, TX 77478

Phone: (866) 912-8855
Website: www.silicus.com

Silicus’ mission is to challenge how organizations engage software technology to create enterprise value. We do so by providing software development, outsourcing and technology consulting services that enable organizations to seize market opportunity, empower their people and drive operational efficiency.

Enterprises across the globe partner with us for our industry and technology experience, proficient set of methodologies, and strengths in harnessing next-gen web, cloud, mobile, analytics, social, and collaboration technologies.

Slateboard Software

104 Arista Court
Ottawa, ON K1T 3Z6

Phone: (613) 738-2883
Email: sales@slateboard.com
Website: www.slateboard.com

Not just your ordinary mortgage calculator! QuikCalc Mortgage and Loan Manager Personal Edition is a powerful mortgage and loan manager and calculator. Includes our tables, schedules, and Amortization Schedules Plus! that allow you to see the effect of adding, skipping or overriding any payment, and our Loan Manager, which allows you to track terms, interest rates and payments.


Net Worth Strategies, Inc.

Phone: (541) 383-3899
Email: nwsi_info@networthstrategies.com
Website: www.stockopter.com

This unique platform provides equity compensation recipients, stock plan sponsoring companies and financial advisors with information that facilitate timely and informed decisions. StockOpter.com maximizes the value of equity compensation programs by communicating critical concepts to participants and providing them with automated decision alerts. StockOpter.com helps financial advisors to grow their practices by attracting and serving executives with equity compensation planning.

Talbot Stevens

Financial Success Strategies Inc.
42 Fawn Court
London, ON N5X 3X3

Phone: (866) 231-2721
Email: info@talbotstevens.com
Website: www.talbotstevens.com

Talbot’s Leverage Professional is a simple bilingual software program for analyzing the net benefits of borrowing to invest. It evaluates leveraging using interest-only loans, term loans that are paid off over time, and RRSP catch-up loans. Talbot’s ATI Professional is an Excel 5.0/7.0 spreadsheet that accurately calculates the only thing that matters – how much After-Tax Income (ATI) can be generated from registered, non-registered and RESP funds over a desired time period.


Trust Builders, Inc.
PO Box 1088
Dallas, Oregon 97338

Phone: (503) 831-1111
Email: support@TBInc.com
Website: www.tbinc.com/

TRAK is a vivid retirement illustration software tool for working with participants, whether working one-on-one or with groups (by importing data and creating batch reports). TRAK provides a variety of vivid illustrations for retirement needs, enrollment or other related items. If it is you and the participant, or you and a group of 1,000 participants, TRAK provides retirement illustration tools for educating them in terms they understand. Quickly. Clearly. Show your prospect instantly what used to take 30 minutes to explain. Make abstract ideas concrete. TRAK helps motivate your client—making the decisions that allow you to close the sale. Building trust between you and the prospect. Building sales.
TRAK is available in four versions:
1) TRAK-Gap Analysis 2) TRAK-403(b) 3) TRAK-401(k) 4)TRAK-Deluxe

Trumpet Inc. 

4327 E San Gabriel Ave
Phoenix, AZ 85044

Phone: (480) 961-60030
Email: info@trumpetinc.com
Website: www.trumpetinc.com

Trumpet is a leading provider of comprehensive document management and automated report assembly for financial advisors. Designed around your unique workflow, Trumpet’s solutions easily integrate with contact management, web portals and other software applications. Leverage Trumpet’s expertise working with advisory firms, and experience the hand holding process we are known for.

The Virtual Assistant (VSA) 

Financial Services Online
400 Windmill Oaks Drive
Wimberley, TX 78676

Phone: (225) 387-9845
Email: boquin@fsonline.com
Website: thevirtualassistant.com

The Virtual Sales Assistant (VSA) is “the most comprehensive support tool in the industry” with virtually everything an advisor needs to operate a practice. Includes a Website, newsletters, personalized reports and presentations, calculators, lead generators, Powerpoint seminars, advanced planning books and tools and more. Priced at just $21.95 per month (first month free, no start up fee and no contract), the VSA is simply a great value for insurance and advisors. Discounts available through sponsoring companies, IMOs, broker-dealers and associations.


318 1st Avenue South, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 682-1195
Email: jasonb@wealthvisor.com
Website: www.wealthvisor.com

Its free and easy to showcase your expertise and find new clients. Create your profile on www.wealthvisor.com. Wealth Visor provides a comprehensive directory of wealth managers, with information and client reviews to help consumers choose the right one for their needs. Research has shown that independent resources such as Wealth Visor, which allow consumers to conduct research and obtain user ratings, have a significant impact on purchase decisions. According to comScore and the Kelsey Group, nearly 25% of Internet users reported reading online reviews prior to paying for an offline service, and 80% of them suggested the reviews had a significant influence on their purchasing habits. Wealth Visor allows wealth managers to create a free profile and our online marketing experts will ensure the best professionals obtain maximum exposure in search engines and on the Internet.