When on-line, be safe: Don’t ‘Over-Share’

When I was downloading a QR Code reader for my BlackBerry a few weeks ago, I decided to read the fine print before selecting to install and I was surprised to learn that the app wanted permission to access my personal data.

I understand that most apps need some kind of permission to work properly. For instance my Starbucks app needs permission to access my GPS in order to find a store nearest to my current location. But why does a QR Code Scanner app need to access my personal data? When I didn’t grant access, the app simply didn’t work.

Everything has some kind of cost associated with it, even though the price is free. Read the fine print before installing and only grant the permissions you know an app will need. The same goes for social media. Katie Keir, a writer for Advisor.ca cautions readers about On-line Bandits and why we shouldn’t “over-share” when we’re on-line.

Source: Advisor.ca

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