Account Aggregation

AdvisorTek directory provides financial service corporations access to a network of Account Aggregation solutions.

Advent Software Inc.

301 Brannan Street
San Francisco, CA 94107

Phone: (800) 727-0605

WealthLine® is a Web-based wealth management-reporting platform providing tools for financial institutions to collaborate with their clients. WealthLine gives financial advisors a sophisticated, customizable, and cost-effective solution for furnishing personalized content and exceptional service to their clients. With WealthLine, you can offer clients anytime access to a wide range of investment and financial information via your own branded Web site. The WealthLine service features secure document publishing and interactive portfolio reporting combined with financial content from ComStock, a division of Interactive Data Corporation. The robust Web service combines Axys reports, important financial documents, and a dynamic view of portfolio holdings in an information-rich experience for the investor, and a highly automated, easy-to-use communication tool for the advisor.

Albridge Solutions

 (formerly StatementOne)
1009 Lenox Drive, Building 4, Suite 103
Lawrenceville, NJ 08648

Phone: (609) 620-5800

Having pioneered the industry’s most advanced consolidation and reporting tools available today, Albridge Wealth Reporting provides financial institutions, their advisors, and their permissioned clients with immediate, on-demand access to the transaction-level data that’s critical to successful wealth management.


800 West Cummings Park, Suite 2050
Woburn, MA 01801-6377

Phone: (781) 376-0801

ByAllAccounts works with financial institutions and their trusted advisors to help build stronger, more profitable relationships with their preferred clients. How? We provide advisors with timely, actionable data and analysis on all the assets their clients own – even those assets they do not manage today – and we make it easy to provide very insightful, personalized financial recommendations. The result? An important service advantage that benefits preferred clients and helps advisors leverage their clients’ financial data to expand these key relationships and win new business.


628 Broadway, Suite 401
New York, NY 10012

Phone: (212) 656-9000

Founded in 1999, CashEdge® provides infrastructure that global financial institutions rely on to extend their online channels and enhance customer profitability. We deliver secure Online Money Movement and Advanced Account Aggregation platforms that power specialized retail banking and advisor applications. These proven solutions empower our partners to create compelling online offerings that attract customers, generate revenues, and reduce costs. Flexible deployment models provide for customized, rapid implementation of both ASP and onsite solutions.

Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal

112 N. Curry Street
Carson City, NV. 89703

Phone: (866) 944-8773

Wealth Portal simplifies wealth management and extends the power of your existing financial systems by allowing you to:

  • Create a single view of all client accounts and assets from 1,000’s of financial institutions
  • Monitor and manage offline and other hard-to-track assets
  • Archive and store investment-related documents and other important electronic files
  • Build brand equity by allowing clients to view their portfolios via a customized Web-based portal with your own logo, color themes, etc.


Big Brain Works, LLC.
140 West Gay St, Suite 300
West Chester, PA 19380

Phone: 888-824-4477

Grendel is a sophisticated online solution designed specifically for financial advisors. It integrates all the tools a practice needs to stay ahead of the curve in one easy to use package. With Grendel, advisors have access to unlimited account aggregation, an advanced CRM, a compliant paperless office solution, client portal, and practice management tools. Control you monsters with Grendel and increase compliance, reduce costs, and generate more revenue! Grendel also has a supervisory module available for broker/dealers. This allows the b/d to remotely audit their advisors, unify compliance management, manage retention policies, maintain comprehensive records, access all advisor files instantly, and more. Grendel even automates many of these functions and proactively notifies the supervisor of potential issues.


PortfolioPathway, LLC
93 Ventura Ct.
Naperville, IL 60540

Phone: (800) 970-9080

PortfolioPathway provides financial advisors the tools needed to manage client accounts across multiple institutions in a single, web-based solution. PortfolioPathway offers performance reporting at account, group and household levels, customizable statements, account aggregation, benchmark comparisions, and many other advisor tools. PortfolioPathway can ease the burden of using multiple systems to get the information Advisors need to manage their clients.


110 w 30th Street, Suite 5A
New York, NY 10001


Quovo empowers sophisticated investors, portfolio managers, and investment advisors with data science tools that range from account aggregation to portfolio analytics and data visualizations. With proprietary technology and a user-friendly web interface, Quovo combines professional grade data horsepower with digital best practices.  Whether its data management, portfolio monitoring, client prospecting or in-depth analytics Quovo brings the most powerful innovations in financial technology for your workflow or practice.

Teknowledge Corporation

1800 Embarcadero Road
Palo Alto, CA 94303

Phone: (650) 424-0500

TekPortal is a multi-institution enterprise aggregation platform that enables institutions to integrate account aggregation services into their Internet applications so that they can offer account aggregation from banks, brokerages, credit card processors, insurance and travel reward sites. With TekPortal, the institutions’ customers can manage their online financial portfolios through a single website, even if the portfolios are comprised of accounts at multiple institutions. In addition to aggregation, TekPortal provides users with bill payment, notifications, and portfolio analysis tools.

Yodlee’s AdvisorView

Yodlee, Inc
3600 Bridge Parkway, Suite 200
Redwood City, CA 94065

Telephone: (650) 980-3600

Yodlee’s AdvisorView is the industry’s first aggregation-enabled wealth management data consolidation solution. AdvisorView uniquely provides advisors with a collaborative environment to import client-permissioned account data held at any financial institution. Powered by Yodlee’s industry leading technology, AdvisorView bundles a real-time, consolidated view of clients’ financial lives with the tools and export facilities necessary to track all account activity and provide comprehensive, timely investment advice. AdvisorView improves advisor efficiency, strengthens client relationships, and enhances an advisor’s ability to bring more assets under management.


Parsam Technologies
65 Germantown Court, Suite 425
Memphis, TN 38018

Phone: (901) 757-1212

Premium Account Aggregation. uMonitor is the world’s most innovative financial services platform available today. uMonitor technologies offers fully integrated, comprehensive account aggregation and other services. uMonitor solutions are used by over 50 financial corporations and numerous financial professionals to delight their customers.