Advisor Platforms

AdvisorTek directory providing access to a network of Advisor Platforms for Enterprise solutions. Value Builder Professional compliant advisor profile software.
Value Builder

Ativa Interactive Corporation
Phone: (905) 648-3221

Helping advisors communicate the value they provide to clients.
Value Builder is an online tool that allows advisors to build custom, compliant Value Profiles for clients and prospects. By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can easily summarize the wide range of complex services they provide.

Compliant Content
Your marketing and compliance team determines the Value content advisors can choose from. This feature with the addition of your logo and disclaimer provides flexibility and ensures compliance and brand management.

Designed for Ease of Use
By simply dragging and dropping, advisors can create beautiful, professional Value Profiles that clearly illustrate the valuable services they provide.

Powerful Sharing Tools
Sharing is easy. Simply print, email or share online. Value Builder is fully responsive, so advisor value profiles will look spectacular on all platforms.

Suitable for Financial Professionals in all Countries
Now, more than ever is transparency important. Value Builder is a powerful tool for advisors to illustrate all they do to ensure they retain their clients and build new relationships. Value Builder is available in multiple languages and is customized for your content.  In the Canadian CRM2 environment, it is crucial that advisors clearly communicate the wide range of complex and valuable services to their clients.

Advice America

34770 Campus Drive
Fremont, CA 94555

Phone: (510) 742-4220

AdviceAmerica is a leading provider of Web-based Wealth Management applications. Our software application suite empowers financial services firms and advisors to strengthen customer relationships and grow revenues by delivering comprehensive financial planning, automated advice, portfolio management and sophisticated asset allocation modeling.

Advice Manager

9130 South Dadeland Blvd, Suite 1602
Miami, FL 33156

Phone: (305) 670-4880

OptimizeUSA develops and sells its Advice Manager software and also provides consulting services to 401(k) plan sponsors. Advice Manager (patent pending) provides financial institutions around the world with an enterprise software application that helps investment professionals deliver personalized, risk-adjusted, investment solutions to clients. Advice Manager is the first integrated suite of investment management tools designed for client-side selling in both the global and domestic markets.

Arius Software

600 Weber Street N, 2nd Floor
Waterloo, Ontario Canada N2V 1K4

Phone: (519) 885-9045

Arius Software is a leading provider of account opening and document management solutions for financial services firms. Our flagship product, Arius OpenAdvantage, enables wealth management firms to attract new customers, increase operational efficiency and reduce costs by creating a superior personalized account opening experience. Arius has been chosen the Enterprise Account Opening platform and professional services partner of leading North American financial services firms.


Mellon Financial Planning Services
111 Founders Plaza
East Hartford, CT 06108

Phone: (888) 647-8889

DirectAdvice is a leading platform for online financial planning and advice. Our goal is to enable banks, brokerage firms and other financial institutions throughout the world to deliver personalized financial planning to all their customers, regardless of means. DirectAdvice technology is modular and scalable, an end-to-end solution that provides financial institutions with the ability to build broader, stronger and deeper relationships with their customers. And because of the inherent efficiencies of our Web-based service, institutions can market advice and planning to many more customers than they ever could before.

Financial Engines

1804 Embarcadero Rd.
Palo Alto, California 94303

Tel: (650) 565-4900

The Professional Advisor service enables financial institutions to provide personalized and consistent advice with a human touch. This cost-effective and highly scalable service integrates seamlessly into an existing advice infrastructure and can be deployed in a variety of ways, including through an institution’s professional advisors or by phone through call center technology. The Professional Advisor service includes a Dashboard feature, which helps advisors manage a book of business, and QuickSolve solutions, which automatically identify opportunities and enable advisors to create personalized investment proposals that can be implemented with a single click.

Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal

112 N. Curry Street
Carson City, NV. 89703

Phone: (866) 944-8773

Wealth Portal simplifies wealth management and extends the power of your existing financial systems by allowing you to:

  • Create a single view of all client accounts and assets from 1,000’s of financial institutions
  • Monitor and manage offline and other hard-to-track assets
  • Archive and store investment-related documents and other important electronic files
  • Build brand equity by allowing clients to view their portfolios via a customized Web-based portal with your own logo, color themes, etc.

Ignite Sales

14785 Preston Road, Suite 550
Dallas, TX 75254

Tel: (972) 789-5520

Calling MoneyMatch™ an “online financial planning tool” just doesn’t do it justice. More accurately, it is an “information conduit” between a financial institution and its customers. And, like any good conduit, MoneyMatch increases the flow of information between the financial institution and its customers – to the benefit of both parties. MoneyMatch sparks a conversation between a financial institution and its customers, leading customers to the answers, solutions and products that will help them reach their goals. The financial institution becomes the hero – and the data gathered during the conversation builds powerful profiles and product predictions for online and offline use.

Informa Investment Solutions

4 Gannett Drive
White Plains, New York 10604

Tel: (914) 509-1576

Informa Investment Solutions (“IIS”) has been providing separate account information, portfolio accounting and performance measurement systems, analytical tools, and consulting support to pension funds, investment consultants, brokerage firms and money managers since 1976. IIS provides wealth management solutions to the investment and financial planning communities. Our products and services offer planning solutions targeted at two distinct needs via our web-based products: investment planning (“iDecide”) and financial planning (“AdvisorDecide”). The IIS suite of web-based wealth management products is focused at the investment and financial planning markets under the iDecide and AdvisorDecide service marks.

Morningstar Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition

Tel: (866) 312-4637

Morningstar® Advisor Workstation Enterprise Edition provides advisors with investment planning, client presentation, portfolio analysis, and in-depth investment research tools. It features timely data on 100,000+ securities and allows you to screen, rank, and sort investments using up to 20 criteria. You can efficiently analyze investments and portfolios to give recommendations using FINRA-reviewed reports and presentations that your clients can easily understand.

It’s designed for, customized by, and licensed to, institutions as a modular, Web-based platform and it integrates with other major platforms such as Albridge Solutions, MoneyGuidePro, Pershing’s NetExchange Pro, and National Financial’s Streetscape. Advisor Workstation is now available through more than 100 broker/dealers, custodians, and clearing firms. Call to find out if you’re eligible to purchase a custom-configured version through your firm.


500 Howard Street, Suite 425
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 724-7535

MyVest’s mission is to secure the financial future of more families by enabling their advisors to provide personalized wealth management at scale.  MyVest’s core offering is its Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS), a cloud-based software and services platform that enables holistic wealth management across the enterprise in a single, unified system.

SPS automates the end-to-end delivery of personalized, household portfolios at scale, from client proposals and onboarding, through model-based tax-sensitive portfolio management, monitoring & rebalancing, to performance reporting and billing. As the only platform that can consolidate multiple managed account programs (Wrap, UMA, UMH, Rep-as-PM) into a single system, SPS enables wealth management firms to strategically migrate to more profitable operating models over time.

Open Finance Network 

1930 Camden Road Suite 2070-B
Charlotte, NC 28203

Tel: (704) 831-5600

The Open Finance Network (OFN) provides a comprehensive suite of technology products and services for fee-only advisors and family offices. These services are enterprise-wide and can conform and scale to the most sophisticated and complex wealth management and portfolio strategies. OFN’s enterprise solution is called AGILE: The Advisor Control Center by OFN. AGILE is the first system to fully automate the advisor’s business practice. AGILE links the advisor’s desktop seamlessly to OFN’s state-of-the-art back office processing center. The result? AGILE reduces financial and administrative friction in the advisor’s organization. That means fewer hassles, fewer errors, less risk, reduced costs, and greater responsiveness to the client.

Sungard Planning Station

4 Triad Center, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, UT 84180

Phone: (800) 752-6637

SunGard PlanningStation is a complete planning solution for today’s financial professionals. Combining powerful calculation engines with interactive, educational presentations, SunGard PlanningStation analyzes data like an expert to clearly communicate complex financial concepts and provide individualized recommendations and reports. It’s a web-based platform with mobile capabilities, making it ideal for both independent advisors that simply need a powerful planning solution, and enterprises requiring the flexibility to brand, customize, and deploy a solution to their affiliated financial professionals. PlanningStation’s advanced analytics address a diverse, yet tightly integrated, range of over 60 planning needs, from the most basic financial goals to comprehensive cash flow planning. In addition to offering a cutting-edge planning solution, SunGard’s PlanningStation also provides firms with administrative control over most system features, while also including powerful client management, workflow, electronic questionnaire, and reporting capabilities as well… making it easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy to manage.

Thomson ONE Advisor

Thomson Financial
1455 Research Boulevard
Rockville, MD 20850

Phone: (888) 605-3385
Website: Thomson One Advisor

Thomson ONE Advisor is a complete wealth management solution designed to satisfy the business needs of independent advisors. The powerful components of Thomson ONE Advisor – Investment Center, Asset Allocation and Financial Planning – are the building blocks of any successful financial advisory practice. The advanced functionality within each of these modules delivers your clients a unique value throughout every stage of the financial advisory process. From assessing your clients’ current financial situation to designing a plan to meet their goals and monitoring their progress towards achieving them.