Wealth Management

From portfolio management and performance measurement to investment reporting and individual retirement planning, the AdvisorTek network of Wealth Management solution providers can help financial professionals to manage their clients’ accounts and their workflow more efficiently.  Search the AdvisorTek directory for Corporate Wealth Management solutions.


470 Atlantic Avenue
Boston, MA 02210-2205

Phone: (617) 273-8424
Email: info@activiti.com
Website: www.activiti.com

Activiti delivers enterprise distribution solutions that drive significant and measurable value to investment management firms, its sales and marketing team and clients. Activiti provides enterprise-class distribution solutions to investment management firms, including pure investment management businesses or firms connected to an investment bank, brokerage firm, insurance company or broker dealer. Activiti’s product suite enables firms to develop successful distribution businesses that extend their current business models from constrained, manual-based operations to profitable, scalable operations which can capitalize on competitive advantages.

Adhesion Wealth Advisor Solutions Inc.

5935 Carnegie Blvd
Charlotte, NC 28209

Phone: (888) 295-8351
Email: email@advisoryalpha.com
Website: www.adhesionWealth.com

Adhesion has been delivering wealth advisor solutions since 1999. Its WealthADV platform is a comprehensive managed investing service, providing complete Unified Managed Account, client reporting and back office solutions to RIAs to help them stay at the forefront of the market and grow successful practices.

Advisory Alpha

80 Ottawa Avenue NW., Suite 425
Grand Rapids, MI 49503

Phone: (866) 530-1400
Email: email@advisoryalpha.com
Website: www.advisoryalpha.com

Advisory Alpha provides a comprehensive investment advisory solution that is private labeled to your unique brand and integrates professional asset management, seamless practice management, and extensive marketing programs. This integrated asset management program is offered through strategic partnerships with select independent financial advisors.  While asset management may be the core service that advisors seek, successful advisors use a collection of resources and materials to support their specific investment strategies.

Many outsourced providers, such as third-party and turnkey asset managers, focus solely on investment services and fail to provide a complete solution.  Our professional asset management allows you to offer your clients innovative investment solutions designed to navigate the volatile markets and changing global economy. In addition, you gain access to a suite of marketing strategies to help you effectively utilize these investment services by building all aspects of the client relationship.

Our practice management resources drive efficiency for your operations resulting in an unmatched experience for your clients. This entire solution is wrapped with your brand to strengthen your firm’s identity.

Asset Allocation Analyst™

700 Wellington Street, Suite 1400
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3S4

Phone: (866) 790-3141
Email: info@assetallocationanalyst.com
Website: www.assetallocationanalyst.com

Asset Allocation Analyst™ is a sales-oriented web tool designed to help financial advisors create personalized investment proposals within minutes. The application features a simple 4-step portfolio construction and analytics process that helps build a compelling case for your investment recommendations.

  1. Determine the client’s current asset mix
  2. Determine the client’s investor profile
  3. Build an appropriate portfolio
  4. Review the recommendation

The Asset Allocation Analyst’s comprehensive list of analytics range from a simple investment growth chart to Alpha, Sortino and Monte Carlo metrics, allowing you to create a proposal that is as simple or complex as required. Furthermore, client data import through back-office integration can minimize the time required to generate proposals. The Asset Allocation Analyst can be purchased on its own or as a module within the WealthElements™ suite.

Atom Align 

Blaze Portfolio Systems
2105 N. Southport Avenue, Suite 200
Chicago, IL 60614

Phone: (888) 987-7999
Website: www.blazeportfolio.com

BlazePortfolio provides streamlined technology applications to investment firms. Launched in 2005, BlazePortfolio has designed unique software for advisory firms to enhance the trading and household modeling process. The flagship application is Atom Align, a web-based, hybrid order management system designed for advanced household modeling and mutli-strategy, multi-custodian, and a multi-asset class approach to managing client portfolios.

Cogency Software

500 Airport Boulevard, Suite 152
Burlingame, CA 94010

35 West 35th Street, 10th Floor, Suite 1001
New York, NY 10001

Phone: (650) 685-2500 General Inquiries
Phone: (650) 618-9600 Sales Inquiries
Website: www.cogencysoft.com

Cogency is a leading provider of software solutions for investors with mixed portfolios of hedge funds, private equity funds, and daily traded instruments. For over a decade, we have helped institutional investors increase efficiency while reducing operational risk. Through these engagements we’ve developed a deep understanding of investment operations and best practices which are at the heart of our products and services.

Today, our unified platform includes partnership accounting, portfolio management, manager due diligence, and investor relationship management solutions. Our clients are some of the world’s leading Fund of Funds, Endowments, Pensions, Outsourced CIOs, and Family Offices who collectively represent over $95 Billion of assets on the Cogency platform.


13571 Commerce Parkway, Suite 200
Richmond, B.C., Canada V6V 2R2

Phone: (604) 278-6470
Website: www.fincentric.com

Fincentric is a leading provider of core retail banking and customer value management software solutions. Our Wealthview™ suite of integrated, customizable solutions provide a single view of the customer. With our software, innovative financial institutions can leverage customer knowledge to deliver personalized service and product offers, and develop profitable customer relationships. Through strategic alliances with Microsoft, HP, Intel, and other international partners, many financial institutions in over 25 countries, use Fincentric’s solutions.

Fusion Advisor Wealth Portal

112 N. Curry Street
Carson City, NV. 89703

Phone: (866) 944-8773
Website: www.fusionadvisor.com
Website: www.wealthportal360.com

Wealth Portal simplifies wealth management and extends the power of your existing financial systems by allowing you to:

  • Create a single view of all client accounts and assets from 1,000’s of financial institutions
  • Monitor and manage offline and other hard-to-track assets
  • Archive and store investment-related documents and other important electronic files
  • Build brand equity by allowing clients to view their portfolios via a customized Web-based portal with your own logo, color themes, etc.


softTarget Inc.
139, Dresden Avenue
Montreal, Quebec H3P 3K1

Phone: (514) 340-1414
Email: info@softTarget.com
Website: www.softTarget.com

softTarget’s iBalanceTM Wealth Management platform integrates compliance management, portfolio modeling, strategic portfolio rebalancing, workflow automation and reporting. It drastically improves efficiency and control while helping reducing costs. It provides the ability to react quickly, precisely and consistently while delivering personalized and increasingly complex portfolio management services. You can achieve pre-trade / just-in-time compliance, family portfolio management, active tax management, etc. It can integrate with an existing back office system and feed the trading system of your choice, preserving your technology investments.


IMS (Investment Management System)

Isis Financial Systems
14 Felton Street
Waltham, MA 02453

Phone: (781) 209-02649
Email: sales@isisfs.com
Website: www.isisfs.com

Isis Financial Systems is a leading provider of portfolio-management and accounting software and services. Our solution – “IMS” provides mission-critical services to asset managers, hedge funds, mutual funds and pension plans. A robust multi-currency integrated application (front, middle, back office) IMS is designed to account for most any negotiable instrument (equities, fixed income, structured products), mutual funds (NAV), hedge funds and funds of funds. Portfolio management features include rules based modeling and compliance, performance measurement (GIPS, TWRR, IRR plus more), risk analytics and pre-trade and post trade scenario tools. IMS’ flexible reporting engine enhances customer service by enabling managers to quickly respond to customer requests with precise “on the spot” reporting and analysis. IMS services $100B AUM.

Interface Software

1420 Kensington Road, Suite 320
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Phone: (630) 572-14000

Email: sales@inteface.com
Website: www.interface.com

InterAction is a client relationship management solution that empowers financial services firms to transform their scattered data into Relationship Intelligence — a firm-wide asset that reveals the unique and complex connections between people, companies, relationships, experience and expertise. Relationship Intelligence empowers professionals to leverage who and what they know to uncover new revenue opportunities and close deals. Deal makers, analysts, asset managers and other financial professionals can quickly and easily mine InterAction’s Relationship Intelligence for competitive advantage.

Intuitive Allocations, LLC

1801 West End Ave, Suite 910
Nashville, TN 37203

Phone: (615) 818-0777
Email: contact@intuitiveallocations.com
Website: www.intuitiveallocations.com

IA provides high-end optimization software solutions to financial and energy institutions – ranging from strategic asset management to comprehensive risk analysis and forecasting. IA’s analytical and modeling tools integrate intellectual capital with new proprietary optimization methods.

Our enhanced optimization software, StableMetrics, utilizes patent-pending methods to incorporate heavy-tailed and skewed asset return characteristics. The comprehensive software solution meets the growing needs of investment professionals, enabling sophisticated modeling for screening, pricing, analyzing and allocating assets. Identify assets that drive performance, visualize the impact of market movements and report results with confidence.

IPS AdvisorPro®

10 Emerson Lane, Suite 801-3
Bridgeville, PA 15017

Phone: (330) 724-7145
Email: IPSAdvisorProSales@fi360.com
Website: www.IPSAdvisorPro.com

IPS AdvisorPro®, a product of fi360, Inc., is award-winning online technology designed to help advisors create and manage fully customized Investment Policy Statements (IPS) unique to their processes and procedures, and the circumstances of each client.  Flexible, quick and easy to use, the application includes IPS templates addressing eight specific client types — each with corresponding questionnaires.

Founded by industry thought leaders Norm Boone, MBA, CFP® and Linda Lubitz Boone, CFP®, authors of Creating an Investment Policy Statement: Guidelines and Templates (FPA Press), IPS AdvisorPro® is the leading IPS technology solution for wealth management professionals to help systematize and standardize their investment process.  Current software integrations include, MoneyGuidePro™ (Financial Planning), Redtail Technology (CRM), and FinaMetrica (Risk Profiling).

InvestEdge, Inc.

1151 Freeport Road, Suite #396
Pittsburgh, PA 15238

Phone: (800) 830-1839
Email: info@investedge.com
Website: www.investedge.com

InvestEdge is a leading provider of wealth management solutions to banks, trust companies, brokerage firms, and financial advisors. Through an integrated wealth management platform, InvestEdge automates key front office functions including portfolio management, performance measurement, investment reporting, compliance monitoring, CRM, and knowledge management. The results? Dramatic improvements in the productivity of investment managers, increased assets from existing and prospective clients, and simplification of the IT environment.

Investment Technologies

320 East 72 St., Suite 9C
New York, NY 10021

Phone: (212) 724-7535
Email: info@investmenttechnologies.com
Website: www.investmenttechnologies.com

Investment Technologies is a software development firm specializing in sophisticated investment solutions for the bricks-and-mortar and online financial services industries. We are specialists in desktop and web-based application design and deployment, as well as being skilled with institutional-quality investment technology that includes portfolio optimization, investment-performance and risk measurement, behavioral finance, Monte Carlo simulation, personal risk assessment, individual retirement planning, reporting on capital-market performance, and forecasting future asset and fund returns.

Delivery of these solutions ranges from development of an entire private-labeled platform incorporating all these technologies, standalone desktop applications, to licensing of individual components for integration into your existing platform. The technology can be private labeled or co-branded with IT.


m2Advisor is a high function desktop application for Financial Advisors to manage the relationship with investor clients in a collaborative manner, handle more clients professionally with less effort through direct access to all portfolio info and history, provide full Portfolio Management facilities including corporate actions and income tracking, produce advanced reporting, generate sophisticated Return Performance measurement, facilitate regulatory compliance, and extensive CRM features.


500 Howard Street, Suite 425
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 724-7535
Email: info@myvest.com
Website: www.myvest.com

MyVest’s mission is to secure the financial future of more families by enabling their advisors to provide personalized wealth management at scale.  MyVest’s core offering is its Strategic Portfolio System™ (SPS), a cloud-based software and services platform that enables holistic wealth management across the enterprise in a single, unified system.

SPS automates the end-to-end delivery of personalized, household portfolios at scale, from client proposals and onboarding, through model-based tax-sensitive portfolio management, monitoring & rebalancing, to performance reporting and billing. As the only platform that can consolidate multiple managed account programs (Wrap, UMA, UMH, Rep-as-PM) into a single system, SPS enables wealth management firms to strategically migrate to more profitable operating models over time.


50 Fremont Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Phone: (415) 344-6100
Email: info@northstar.com
Website: www.northstar.com

NorthStar is a leading provider of wealth management and asset management solutions for the financial services industry including leading retail brokerage firms, global private banks, trust companies, commercial banks, asset management providers, insurance companies, and other service providers to Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs). NorthStar’s customers have over $1.7 trillion in assets under management. NorthStar’s enterprise advisory offering is based on extensive work with leading global financial services institutions. The resulting solution set enables financial services institutions to extend their advisory capabilities, deliver on their strategic imperatives, and operate profitable advisory businesses.

RiskMetrics Group

44 Wall Street, 22nd Floor
New York, NY 10005

Phone: (212) 981-7475
Email: americas@riskmetrics.com
Website: www.riskmetrics.com

RiskMetrics Group provides financial analytics and wealth management solutions to hundreds of financial institutions, corporations and central banks worldwide. Since 1994, RiskMetrics Group research has set the standard for financial risk management. RiskMetrics Group analytics, data and services enable users to measure and manage risk, and to communicate that risk to managers, clients, investors, shareholders and regulators. Formerly a division of JP Morgan, RiskMetrics Group became an independent company in 1998. The company is headquartered in New York City, with seven offices worldwide, including London, Tokyo and Singapore.


40 Valley Stream Parkway
Malvern, PA 19355

Phone: (610) 296-8877
Website: www.sanchez.com

Sanchez is a global leader in developing and marketing scalable and integrated software and services that provide banking, customer integration, brokerage and wealth management solutions.

Smartleaf, Inc.

840 Memorial Drive, 3rd Floor
Cambridge, MA 02139

Phone: (617) 491-6669
Email: sales@smartleaf.com
Website: www.smartleaf.com

Smartleaf makes software for financial firms that manage individual investor accounts. Smartleaf’s offering, Smartleaf Portfolio Manager, provides an integrated workflow solution for the customized management of individual portfolios, enabling financial institutions to grow by providing highly effective and personalized private wealth management at low cost.

Sungard WealthStation

4 Triad Center, Suite 700
Salt Lake City, UT 84180

Phone: (800) 752-6637
Email: online@sungard.com
Website: www.online.sungard.com

SunGard’s WealthStation™ is a comprehensive, highly-scalable, web-based wealth management workstation designed to help financial advisors manage and monitor the diverse assets and increasingly complex portfolios of their clients. WealthStation provides firms with the tools they need to aggregate, allocate, optimize, plan, and monitor their clients’ holistic portfolio and estate needs on a continual real-time basis. It also offers robust and fully integrated collaboration, workflow and report generation tools, helping firms and advisors improve their level of service and strengthen their most valuable asset – their client relationships. Built from the ground-up using the latest technology, WealthStation ultimately brings together SunGard’s 20 years of experience in asset allocation, portfolio optimization, financial planning, data consolidation, market data and rules-based decision making to provide a truly integrated, enterprise-class offering.

Ticoon Technology

56 The Esplanade, Suite 404
Toronto, Ontario M5E 1A7

Phone: (416) 513-9524
Email: info@ticoon.com
Website: www.ticoon.com

Ticoon enables financial institutions to arm their advisors with an integrated, web-based solution that stimulates stronger, more profitable client relationships and drives the financial institution’s competitive advantage. Ticoon’s Wealth Management Platform has been designed to meet the needs of the wealth management industry and focuses on these key fundamentals: Achieving Total Data Consolidation, Promoting Communication & Collaboration, Providing Rich Data Analysis Tools & Reporting and Driving Sales & Marketing Campaigns.


700 Wellington Street, Suite 1400
Montreal, Quebec, H3C 3S4

Phone: (866) 790-3141
Email: info@wealthelements.com
Website: www.wealthelements.com

WealthElements™ is a sales-oriented, fully integrated suite of web tools designed to help financial advisors manage every elements for their clients’ wealth. In addition to EquiSoft’s flagship Asset Allocation Analyst™, WealthElements offers the following integrated modules: Investment Policy Statement (IPS), Net Worth Statement, Cash Flow Statement, Retirement Needs Analysis, Education Needs Analysis, Life Insurance Needs Analysis, Disability Insurance Needs Analysis , Critical Illness Needs Analysis, Insurance Illustrations and Electronic Applications.

  • Ideal for use with existing clients or as part of a client acquisition strategy.
  • Client data import through back-office integration.
  • Aggregation of a broad range of investment product data (e.g. mutual funds, ETFs, stocks, bonds and SMAs).
  • Configurable at the corporate and individual levels.
  • Supports multiple currencies.
  • Simple, multi-lingual interface.
  • Customizable, client-friendly reports and proposals.

WealthElements provides you with the tools you need to efficiently generate industry-leading reports and proposals customized to any client’s particular needs.

x.eye incorporated

2425 Matheson Blvd. East, 4th Floor
Mississauga, ON L4W 5K4 Canada

Phone: (416) 601-9833
Email: info@xeye.com
Website: www.xeye.com

x.eye Incorporated is a global provider of wealth management technology solutions to the financial services industry. x.eye’s .wealth.manager™ was developed to provide financial institutions with a highly scalable, enterprise-wide wealth management platform, and a suite of best-of-breed business solutions that help firms leverage technology, lower costs, increase revenue and better manage the needs of their ever demanding client base. x.eye.wealth.manager provides the tools to holistically manage clients’ financial needs and seamlessly service client relationships across the multiple-channels of diverse financial institutions.