Don’t Have a Website Yet?

Thirty years ago, the rudimentary requirements to be an entrepreneur were a nice suit, a stack of business cards, an office, and a copy of Dale Carnegie’s How to Win Friends & Influence People. Today, however, just about all of the aforementioned have been rendered obsolete. It was once the status quo, but now that technology has advanced, it’s time to reinvent the wheel and get it rolling again.

The all-inclusive equivalent of the suit, the business cards, the office, and influential rhetoric is a personal or business website—your sharp aesthetic, your more informative business card, your office with a capacity of a million people, and your new way of winning friends and influencing people.

Follow this step-by-step breakdown.

The Business Suit: We now live in a business-casual workforce. Why? Because businesses are now represented more by logos and branding. This is important for your website. You want to be modern, slick, sharp, etc. You need to stay away from the dull, didactic, and clinical. Think about purchasing a book you’ve never heard of. What will you notice first? The cover. Will you feel inclined to purchase a book with a beige cover and nothing but a title written in white, Times New Roman font? No! You want the full-color cover art! Pictures. Classy fonts. Catchy phrases. The same elements will draw more people to your site. Be and look exciting!

The Business Card: The old piece of cardstock with your basic information has been replaced by a domain name. Instead of a card profiling you, simply offer cards with your website listed on it or just promote it by word-of-mouth. The key is a memorable domain name for your business. For example, if you are Girard Family Financial Firm, LLC., you might want to narrow down the domain name to or That way, when you are chatting with a potential client and do not have a card, you can offer an easy-to-remember domain for them to visit. Domain unavailable? Then you must get creative. In this case, Girard Family might try or

An Office: Dear lord, the things you can do with a website today. Remember teleconferences? Reporting quarterly results over several phone lines? No more. There are so many tools available to incorporate with your website like conferencing apps, web forums, instant chat, etc. No need to rally your troops into your 12’ x 12’ room anymore. Just set a date and time and have everybody log in to your business website. Plus, you can incorporate all of Google’s office tools into your site: documents, spreadsheets, records, etc. The possibilities are endless.

Winning Friends and Influencing People: Dale Carnegie once said, “When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.” One must use their website to trigger the emotional core of its visitors with pleasing text content. Think of your sales pitch in website form. In person, you might say, “… and I am confident that my product will satisfy your needs.” In website form, you can further elaborate on such a statement with more details and pull am emotional reaction from the website user by saying, “By purchasing our product, you will succeed in such areas as_________________. And with these tools, you are going to be one step ahead of your competition. We believe in you and your business and are confident will satisfy your needs. Tip: remember, when creating a business website, it is vital to place the words “you” or “your” more often that “we” and “our.” Make it all about your potential client or buyer. Win them and influence them.

Now, I hope you might be convinced it’s time to get your own website. Like I said, it is the all-in-one tool to conduct business properly these days: your business suit, your business card, your office, and your means of communicating effectively with people. So go ahead and dress business casual, save a tree and cut it out with the cards, save paying a lease, and put that Dale Carnegie book back on a shelf. It’s time to enter the cyber world.


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