Finding Great Workspace away from the Office

I was in Starbucks the other day catching up with one of my colleagues on how business was in the mutual fund world. As an investment professional, he spends little time in his downtown Toronto office, is mostly on the road, closer to his home, meeting with clients. He said that being able to do some work from home is great, but he that it was difficult to make telephone calls and get other work done because it was rarely quiet in his house with his young children at home.

As a result, he has became a member of an upscale satellite office facility where professionals can meet with clients, network, host events, or simply get some work done in a professional, modern facility equipped with an espresso bar. This was a great solution to provide long-term convenient workspace.

But what about the professionals who are on the road and meet with clients in areas they are not necessarily familiar with. Catching up on work in hotel lobbies and coffee shops is not always ideal.

Today, I read a great article by John Brandon a tech contributor at He writes about Finding Workspace on the Fly using an app called LiquidSpace. This mobile app helps people find temporary workspaces, filtered by options, and convenient to wherever they may be travelling. Find out more about how this app works and how you might be able to use it in your travels.


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